Russia Britain Warning: Russia warns Britain of attack on Crimean conflict

Tensions between Britain and Russia over Crimea continue to escalate. Now the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Mikhail Popov has issued an ultimatum to the Royal Russian Navy. He said British sailors could “injure themselves” if they came to Crimea. Popov said his opponents should take provocative action given Russia’s military potential.

According to the DailyExpress report, Popov warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab: “I want to ask them what they will say to their families when British sailors are injured?” Earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov also gave a similar warning.

Russia warns of British warship in Black Sea
“The bomb can fall on the target”
After the incident with HMS Defender in June, he said, “What can we do? We can appeal to common sense and respect for international law. If nothing happens, then we can drop bombs not only in one direction but also directly on the target. He had said that those who violate the Russian border should not provoke in the name of free navigation because the security of the country comes first.

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Britain’s intention too firm
At the same time, Britain has said that its Type 45 destroyer is away from the 12-mile border of Crimea and is in the territory of Ukraine, but there is also a dispute over this. Russia claims the region as its own, and most countries consider the Black Sea coast of Crimea to belong to Ukraine.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to make a difference for the UK. According to British Environment Secretary George Eustice, the Royal Navy will continue to travel to Crimea because Britain has not accepted the annexation of Crimea.

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