Russia, China, France and Israel have offered to help India against Covid-19: Russia, China, France and Israel have offered oxygen and re-aid India in the fight against Kovid-19

Moscow / Beijing
The corona virus outbreak in India is getting more and more frightening. A record 3,32,730 new cases have been reported in the country in the past 24 hours. The pressure on health services in the country has increased so much that most hospitals are not even recruiting new patients. According to the Ministry of Health, at present, the total number of active cases in the country is over 24 lakhs. In the midst of an ever-deteriorating situation in India, many countries around the world have stepped up to help India.

Many countries have offered to help India
Russia has offered to supply Remedesvir and oxygen to India. Amid the current tension in Ladakh, China has also offered to help India negotiate with Corona. However, India has not given any formal consent for any country’s assistance. French President Emmanuel Macron sent a message of solidarity to the Indians fighting against Corona and offered their help. Many American lawmakers have also expressed their condolences over India.

Russia offers viral and oxygen
In view of the lack of oxygen in the treatment of patients infected with Kovid in India, Russia has offered to provide medical oxygen and ramdescivir. It is said that in the next 15 days, its import from Russia may also begin. Shortages of the antiviral drug Remdesvir are also observed in many cities. Moscow said it could provide 300,000 to 400,000 injections of Remedisvir per week, which could be further increased. Soon, the supply of oxygen from the ships will also be started.

China has also offered to help
Amid the border dispute over LAC in Ladakh, China on Thursday offered to provide the necessary support and assistance to India. In response to a question about the growing cases of Corona virus infection in India, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said the Kovid-19 pandemic was hostile to humanity, requiring international solidarity and mutual support to deal with it. He said China has taken notice of the recent worsening of the situation in India and the temporary shortage of anti-pandemic medical supplies. China stands ready to provide all possible assistance to India to control the outbreak.

France said – ready for all possible help
French President Emmanuel Macron offered his condolences for the ravages of Corona in India. He stated in his message that I wanted to send a message of solidarity to the Indian people struggling with Kovid-19. France is with you in this conflict. We are ready to help you in any way.

Israel also expressed solidarity with India
Israel also expressed its deepest condolences to Corona-stricken India. The tweet from Israel’s official Twitter account says we’re standing alongside our good friend India against Corona. The last of this transitional shaped tunnel is light. Until then, we stay safe.

U.S. lawmakers have also sought help from the Biden administration
Democratic Party Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, United States, called on the Biden administration to help India immediately. Ed Markey said America has more than the vaccine needed for everyone, but we refuse to support countries like India. He appealed to Joe Biden, saying we have the resources to help and other people need them; It is our moral obligation to do so. US Congresswoman Haley Stevens of the Michigan Democratic Party tweeted about the growing Corona cases in India.

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