Russia China teams up for massive joint military exercises as part of US withdrawal from Afghanistan: US army fleeing Afghanistan, 10,000 Russian-Chinese troops to exercise

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In the midst of a war situation in Afghanistan, he will soon be leaving Afghanistan. In this hour of catastrophe, the eyes of Russia and China are now on Afghanistan, 10 thousand soldiers from Russia and the Chinese army will carry out huge exercises this month
Amid a war-like situation in Afghanistan, the US military will be leaving Afghanistan by September 11. In this hour of crisis, the eyes of Russia and China are now on Afghanistan. Ten thousand soldiers from the Russian and Chinese armies are going to carry out huge exercises in the middle of this month. In this exercise, Chinese soldiers who are stationed at the border of India and Afghanistan will participate.

The Defense Ministries of China and Russia released a joint statement that the PLA Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command soldiers will participate in a full-scale exercise in Russia’s Eastern Military District . He said this West-Interaction 2021 exercise will be held in mid-August in the city of Qiantongxia in China. It is said that in addition to 10,000 soldiers, a joint command center will be created in this exercise.

Will train to make war together
Various types of fighter jets, artillery and armed vehicles will participate in the exercise. China and Russia predict that the soldiers of the two countries should be mixed so that in the future, if necessary, the two armies can fight together on common goals. It was said in the statement that the two teams will form their separate teams by meeting and these teams will make their plans and undergo training.

The purpose of this exercise is to train the two armies to implement surveillance, search, early warning, electronic information attack and joint attack capabilities. The aim of this exercise is believed to be both political and strategic. This exercise will take place at a time when US troops are on the verge of withdrawing from Afghanistan after 20 years. It is believed that by September 11 all soldiers will return.

Russia, China unite on developments in Afghanistan
China and Russia have expressed concern over the situation in Afghanistan. Both countries have also criticized America’s role in Afghanistan. Now Russia and China have come together to ensure that there is no instability due to developments in Afghanistan. These drills will come at a time when US President Joe Biden has warned that if Russia and China don’t stop cyber attacks, their country will too.

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