russia does its best to keep peace between India and China: India, China and Russia do their best to be at peace

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia is doing its best to keep two great friends and brothers of Russia – India and China – at peace with each other. At a press conference on Monday, Lavrov also said that the US-Indo-Pacific strategy will not affect the close partnership between India and Russia.

In response to a question, Lavrov said, “We are friends of India. We are doing our best to keep our two great friends and brothers, India and China, at peace with you.

He said: “It is our policy that we are promoting not only from the SCO or BRICS point of view, but we also have a trilateral framework – RIC – Russia, India and China.” Lavrov said that at the Moscow ministerial meeting in September 2020, the three countries jointly gave a message to play their role in peace, stability and security in Asia.

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