Russia, friend of India, signs gas pipeline agreement with Pakistan Prospects for Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pakistan are brightening: Russia, “friend” of India, is opening a treasure for Pakistan, Will Vladimir Putin come to meet Imran Khan?

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Russia has opened its treasury for India’s nemesis Pakistan Russia has announced that it will lay a gas pipeline to Karachi in Pakistan Now, in Pakistan, Putin is scheduled to come to Karachi, Islamabad
Russia has opened its treasury to India’s nemesis, Pakistan. Russia has announced that it has signed an agreement to lay a pipeline between its city of Kasur and the city of Karachi in Pakistan. After this agreement, it is now expected in Pakistan that Russian President Vladimir Putin will go to Karachi to lay the foundation stone for this gas pipeline.

The name of this pipeline was previously the North-South Pipeline and now it is called Pakistan Steam Gas Pipeline. The two countries want to improve their relations by forgetting their bitterness of the time of the Cold War. The deal was originally signed between Russia and Pakistan in 2015, but due to US sanctions against Russian companies, work on this 1,122 km pipeline could not start.
Putin sends message of friendship to Imran Khan, billions of dollars in investment, alarm bells for India
The whole project cost around $ 2.25 billion.
Now the two sides have overcome all the challenges and signed a new agreement. By virtue of this, Pakistan will own 74% of the shares of the pipeline. Previously, Russia would build the entire pipeline. The whole project will cost around $ 2.25 billion. Once the pipeline is completed, gas-rich Russia will be able to export it to Pakistan.

Pakistani officials say the project is not only of economic importance but also of strategic importance to Pakistan. He says Pakistan wants to strengthen its ties with Russia to diversify its foreign policy. Previously, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov visited Pakistan after a hiatus of around 9 years. Meanwhile, Imran Khan sent an invitation to Putin to visit Pakistan.

Russian-Pakistani friendship, alarm bells for India
According to Pakistani media, Putin does not want to come to Pakistan until he has something big to sell. After this agreement, it is now possible for Putin to come to Pakistan. Russia and Pakistan are now seen very close, which is seen as a wake-up call for India. This too when India imports more than half of its arms from Russia. Russia is now seen as keen to sell arms to Pakistan, even after opposition from India. In addition, the armies of the two countries often organize exercises at regular intervals.

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