russia hermitage museum cat: 50 cats from the russian museum got a lot of love, wealth after death – a frenchman left money to 50 cats who live in russia

A French philanthropist was so in love with cats living in a museum in Russia that he gave up his wealth after his death. These cats have lived in the basement of the Russian Hermitage Museum for hundreds of years. Their number is about 50. The whole museum has 3 million works of art, antiques and sculptures. The founder of this museum was Catherine the Great.

Catherine gave these cats the status of patron of the art gallery. These cats were kept inside the museum so that the mice could be kept away from their homes. Now these cats have volunteers and museum staff. According to the museum, food is organized for them by donation. These cats have their own washing machine, and local doctors are checking their health.

The museum’s director general, Mikhail Piotrowski, recently said that an unknown French donor was so influenced by these cats that he donated part of his property and for that he mentioned it in the will. He said our French friend had done a very good job. It’s perfect for cats and charities. This money is not a lot, but someone mentioned it in their will.

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