Russia ISIS: Russia foils ISIS plan: Russia fails ISIS action

Russia’s internal security agency said Thursday it had dismantled a plot by the Islamic State terrorist organization. The agency says a plot hatched by ISIS operatives has come to light. In this context, terrorist attacks were to be carried out in Moscow and in southern Russia. The agency also claimed to have killed a suspected conspirator.

The agency, known as the Federal Security Service, or FSB, said two Russian nationals were plotting to carry out bombings in Moscow and the city of Astrakhan and were ordered by the head of the state organization. Islamic to execute them.

The agency said a suspect was shot dead in the Astrakhan region. Another suspect was arrested in Moscow. The FSB said it recovered weapons and terrorist literature during the search.

There was devastation in Syria
Earlier in February, Russian fighter jets caused widespread destruction in Syria. At least 21 ISIS terrorists were killed in a Russian airstrike here in 24 hours, while hundreds were injured. The Syrian government-backed Russian Air Force carried out airstrikes in at least 130 locations across the country in 24 hours.

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