russia japan news: Kuril Islands dispute, Russia protests against Japan during the visit of Mr. Mikhail Mishustin: Russia protests with Japan over the Kuril Islands dispute

The border dispute between Russia and Japan now appears to be taking a serious stand. The two countries also expressed strong protests by summoning their respective diplomats over the border dispute. Indeed, from today, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustine is going to the Kuril Islands, claimed by Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean. During the meeting, he announced that the Russian government was considering the creation of a special economic zone in this disputed area. Japan is furious at the visit of the Russian Prime Minister and his announcement.

What is the dispute between Russia and Japan
Japan claims its territorial rights over the Kuril Islands. Japan calls these islands the Northern Territory. They were captured by the Soviet Union in the closing days of WWII and since then there has been controversy over them. Decades of diplomatic efforts to negotiate a deal have so far yielded no clear results. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also gone to great lengths to end this dispute with Russia.

The two countries summoned their diplomats
Japan’s Permanent Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Mori summoned Russian Ambassador to Tokyo Mikhail Galujin to demonstrate. Meanwhile, he urged Russia to end the high-profile visit immediately, recording strong protest. In response, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov called on Japanese Ambassador Toyohisa Kozuki to protest Tokyo’s recent territorial claims.

Russian Foreign Ministry issued statement
The Russian Foreign Ministry said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov had lodged a strong protest with the Japanese side over Japan’s territorial claims. We strongly urged our allies not to resort to destructive measures. We insisted on the implementation of the previous agreements of the leaders of the two countries in order to bring the Russian-Japanese relations to a qualitatively new level.

Know the visit of the Russian Prime Minister
Russian Prime Minister Mishustin visited a hospital and fish processing factory in Iturup, one of the four southernmost Kuril Islands. He told workers at the factory that the government was considering creating a special economic zone on the islands, in which businesses and investments would be exempt from most taxes and tariffs. Mishustin said the measures currently being considered by Russian officials could be a good tool for investors, including those in the West and Japan, if they are interested, to create jobs here. This will intensify economic activities on these islands.

Russian Navy patrols near the Kuril Islands
The Russian Navy’s Eastern Fleet continues to patrol to protect the Kuril Islands. The Eastern Russian Fleet is responsible for security in the Pacific Ocean region. This fleet includes several deadly warships and submarines. The Russian Navy is also conducting military exercises and missile tests near these disputed islands.

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