Russia lifts army in Arctic, US sweats, satellite exposes Putin’s decision

Russia has dramatically increased its military capabilities in the Arctic amid continued tensions with the United States. A few days ago, three Russian Navy ballistic missile nuclear submarines arrived in the Arctic. The Russian Defense Ministry informed the world by posting a video about it. Now, a CNN report has revealed that Russia has dramatically increased its military reinforcement in the Arctic. Not only that, Russia is also testing new weapons in this area. Russia is also working to secure the northern Arctic coast, as well as opening a major sea route between Asia and Europe. Russian military weapons monitoring experts have raised particular concerns about the Poseidon 2M39 torpedo. The development of this torpedo is progressing rapidly under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In February, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu described the stage of a test of this torpedo in February. This unmanned stealth torpedo is powered by a nuclear reactor. By which he can enter enemy territory for a long time and gather intelligence. Not only that, it also has nuclear explosives, so it can attack any enemy base. Russian officials say that with the help of this device, many megatons of nuclear weapons can be attacked. It can also spread radioactive material along enemy seabeds, causing radioactive waves to emanate from the invaded coastline for decades.

Russian weapon can bring radioactive tsunami to sea

In November last year, Christopher A. Ford, then Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, said Poseidon was designed to enter U.S. coastal cities with a radioactive tsunami. The expert also agrees that this weapon is completely genuine and that any claims about it are correct. Vice-Admiral Nels Andreas Stensonnes, head of Norway’s intelligence department, told CNN his agency assessed Poseidon as part of a new type of nuclear defense weapon. This means that if there is a nuclear attack on Russia, it can retaliate with the help of these torpedoes. This weapon is part of Russia’s strategic system, so it can only be fired at a specific target. He said Russia is currently testing this torpedo and may order it in the Navy in the future. Russia has already demonstrated this torpedo to the world. That is why NATO member countries, including the United States, are afraid. Russia is also fueled by the presence of American bombers in Norway, which has deployed its northern fleet in Europe. It is considered the deadliest fleet in the Russian Navy, designed for war with the United States and European countries. Numerous nuclear missiles are deployed on the affected warships and submarines, capable of destroying the entire world with their force.

Russia first deployed fighter jets in Artkit

CNN has claimed that Russia has significantly increased its military base in the Arctic in recent times, based on satellite photographs from space technology company Maxar. In which underground storage facilities have also been developed to contain several other new deadly high-tech weapons, including the Poseidon torpedoes here. Russian military weapons in this snow-covered area also include MiG-31 BM bombers and jets. In addition, Russia has also deployed new radar systems near the coast of Alaska. Russia has deployed troops and weapons on par with US and NATO allies in the region. For example, the American B-1 Lancer bombers stationed at Orland Air Base in Norway recently completed their mission in the eastern Barent Sea. The US Army’s Stealth Seawolf submarine has also been patrolling the area since August last year. In response to this, Russian missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov patrols Barent C with several deadly missiles. The Slavic-class missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov alone can wreak havoc. Marshal Ustinov is the third largest warship in the Russian Northern Fleet after the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Veliki. It has the ability to strike for seconds in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia. This means that if a country has launched a nuclear attack against major Russian military bases, Russia can also retaliate with the help of the Northern Fleet stationed in the region.

Russia openly challenges American power

A senior US State Department official told CNN that there was clearly a military challenge on the part of the Russians in the Arctic. They are rapidly improving military bases from the Cold War era. In addition, they also built new facilities on the Kola Peninsula, near the city of Murmansk. This poses a major challenge to the United States and its allies. Satellite photographs clearly show the airfield and the strong military build-up of the Russian army. This military construction of Russia is completely within its borders, so even if the United States or any other country cannot question it. However, US officials have expressed concern that Russia could use its force to establish de facto control over areas of the Arctic, which will quickly be ice-free in the summer. Thanks to this, it can also increase its maritime trade with Asia and Europe. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell said that “Russia is rapidly modernizing Soviet-era airfields and radar centers. It constructs search and rescue centers and buildings for its nuclear and conventional icebreakers in the region. rapid modernization of air and coastal defense radar stations. Russia has also built two new arctic airfields at Roschevo and Anadir in this area. Russia in a satellite photo taken on March 16 K Nagarskoy airfield saw the first MiG-31BM fighter jet, which is likely deployed to the far north to augment the strength of the Russian military.

Russia to test more than 200 missiles in 2021

Russia has announced that it will test more than 200 missiles in 2021. Russia has announced this at a time when its deadly hypersonic intercontinental missile “Satan 2” will soon be ready. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that 200 missiles would be tested under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin. Russia had previously only tested around 200 missiles in 2020 as well. According to the Russian Tass news agency, the Defense Ministry said: “In 2021, the Strategic Missile Force will conduct 200 exercises at different levels. This includes strategic and special exercises of missile regiments and missile divisions. There will be a change in the aggressiveness of the activities during the practice. Russia is currently preparing its RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental missile for flight tests. It is said that this missile can destroy any air defense system. The country’s deputy minister said such trials would take place in the near future. According to an American report, the Sarmat or Satan 2 missile can kill from 10,000 to 18,000 km. There is an atmosphere of panic in NATO countries over this Russian missile. The destructive capacity of this missile is measured by the fact that all of France can be destroyed all at once. The RS-18 missile can carry a single large thermonuclear bomb or 16 small nuclear bombs. Not only that, if the Russian security forces want it, then the nuclear missile can be equipped with a thermonuclear bomb and can fire that missile. The peculiarity of this missile is that each of its warheads can destroy different targets.

Russia’s three ballistic missile submarines patrol the Arctic

Russia’s three ballistic missile submarines continually patrol the occupation war in the Arctic. A few days ago, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video detailing the arrival of its submarines. Previously, these submarines patrolled the area, but never made their presence on the surface public. Russia has indicated that the simultaneous landing of three nuclear submarines in the Arctic is part of the Umka-2021 naval exercise. However, the Russian Defense Ministry has not confirmed the type of nuclear submarines participating in the exercise, which began on March 20. Experts claimed that the two submarines deployed in the Arctic belonged to the Delta IV class submarines. They are also known as Project 667BDRM Delfins. The rest of the bag class is said to be the Kinyas Vladimir ballistic missile submarine. It is the only submarine of its class currently in service with the Russian army. The Bori-class submarines are Russia’s most advanced ballistic missile submarines. Russia’s Delta VI and Bori-class nuclear submarines are extremely dangerous. These two submarines can fire 16 RSM-56 Bulava missiles of up to 8,000 kilometers. This missile is so deadly that despite such a distance, it can hit its target with an accuracy of 120 to 350 meters. Apart from that, these submarines can be equipped with 6-10 Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles (MIRVs). In which the nuclear warhead can be attached.

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