Russia: new fighter plane Moscow Airshow: Russia is building a new Sukhoi fighter plane, the secret of an “invisible” air warrior to the world

Russia’s new Sukhoi fighter jet has become a topic of discussion around the world. It is said that this state-of-the-art fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft was manufactured by the famous Russian company Sukhoi. This fighter jet will be presented to the world for the first time at the Moscow Airshow which begins next week. Russian President Vladimir Putin will also be present on this occasion. At present, this plane is covered with a tarp.

The new fighter plane, covered with a tarp, was seen taking off from a parking lot in Zhukovsky near Moscow. An air show named MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space Salon will open on Tuesday in the Russian capital Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the opening of the air show. According to Russian media, the new fighter plane was built under the plan to build light fighter jets.

Fighter planes will only have one engine
This fighter plane was manufactured by the company that manufactures Sukhoi. Unlike the last Russian fighter, the Su-57, the new fighter will have only one engine and will be smaller. The name of the new fighter jet, its capacity and other related information is not available. It is believed that Russia made the Sukhoi-57 fighter jet to counter the American F-22 Raptor fighter plane.

However, unlike American planes in service since 2005, the Sukhoi-57 is just starting to be produced gradually and a new engine is being built to power it at supersonic speeds. The Russian fighter jet can compete with the latest US F-35 fighter jet, which was inducted into the US military in 2015. Russia may also start selling the new fighter jet to overseas customers. Rostec, Russia’s leading aircraft manufacturer organization, said the new fighter jet will only be shown at the airshow from Tuesday.

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