Russia-Pakistan relations: Russia clarifies military relations with Pakistan, said – India need not worry – Russia clarifies military relations with Pakistan, says India should not worry

Moscow / New Delhi
Russia has given India clarification on its growing defense relations with Pakistan. Roman Babushkin, deputy head of the Russian mission in India, said Russia’s relations with Pakistan are independent in nature and his government is also aware of respecting the sensibilities of other countries. He also said that India should not be worried about its relations with Pakistan. Explain that Russia and Pakistan held a joint military exercise a few days ago.

India does not have to worry
On Russia’s growing military exercises with Pakistan, Roman Babushkin said we don’t think India needs to be worried. When it comes to respecting sensitivities, Russia is very cautious. But at the same time, we regard our relations with Pakistan as independent and we also have a bilateral trade and economic program. We are committed to further developing this relationship from Pakistan’s point of view as a partner country under the SCO.

Our bilateral relations are not against anyone
Babushkin said that the basic principle of Russia’s foreign policy is to have bilateral relations, which are not meant to be against any other country. He said that when it comes to cooperation with all the countries in the world including Pakistan and many other countries, we follow this very important principle.

Russia, making S-400 deadlier, will include powerful missiles in its defense system
Russia said – Pakistan is also a member of the SCO
The Russian diplomat also referred to the growing defense and security relationship between India and Russia and also noted extensive military exercises and cooperation contributing to regional stability between the two countries. Babushkin said military exercises with Pakistan are part of the counterterrorism framework and such a partnership is natural for all SCO member states.

Russia condemns US ban on Turkey
Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev condemned US sanctions against Turkey for purchasing the S-400 missile system in a $ 2.5 billion deal. He said that Russia does not recognize such unilateral actions. He also said that we neither recognize nor welcome unilateral sanctions as a tool or instrument of interstate or international relations.

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