russia poseidon us drone: russia launches super destructive nuclear drone, may cause tsunami in us cities – we fear russia poseidon drones swallow us cities with tsunamis

Superpower Russia has designed a nuclear powered atomic powered drone torpedo that can cause tsunamis in American cities. The name of this Russian torpedo is Poseidan. The drone was inducted into the military by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Russian media, Putin built these deadly drone torpedoes so that a strong counterattack could be carried out against any major enemy attack. Russia has promised not to use this devastating torpedo first.

“ Cities can be destroyed by a radiative tsunami ”

US Secretary of State Christopher Ford, who was stressed by the Russian drone Poseidon, claimed that the weapon could destroy American cities. He questioned Russia’s commitment to international law. Ford said on Friday that the Poseidon was a “disturbing” weapon. I believe that Russia intends to equip this drone with several megatons of nuclear warheads and launch it into the sea to submerge American cities under water creating a radioactive tsunami. The US Assistant Secretary of State said there was a serious question about how Poseidon works, with the ability to do massacre.

Russian dead hand can lead a nuclear attack on its own

Ford also raised a similar concern regarding the Soviet perimeter / dead hand automatic nuclear launch system. In 2011, Russia confirmed that the system is still active. He said if this Russian system guesses that Russia has suffered a nuclear attack, then it can make a decision on its own and carry out a nuclear attack. Not only that, the perimeter computer system also does not contact the staff. Ford said if anyone is worried about the atomic bomb, the perimeter definitely raises a worrying question for them.

Russia has made many destructive weapons

Russia began manufacturing several anti-destructive weapons around 2000, after withdrawing from the US Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and deploying and building anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe. Russia’s concern is with the US concept of a rapid global attack. By virtue of this, the United States with its traditional infallible weapons can launch a fierce attack on the enemy so that the possibility of nuclear attack by the enemy can be eliminated. According to Russian media, the United States is working on a 30-year, $ 1.5 trillion nuclear weapons modernization program. Not only that, the Trump administration has given more money in this direction. The United States is in the process of developing new strategic and sea-drawn nuclear weapons.

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