Russia to publish list of enemy countries amid tensions with the United States: Russia will publish list of enemy countries: Russian government will soon publish list of enemy countries amid tensions with the United States

Russia has announced the publication of a list of its enemy countries amid growing tensions with the United States and European countries. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said it would be released soon. We have already set the criteria for friendly countries. After this announcement, it is believed that Russia will not back down in the current tension with the United States and European countries. President Vladimir Putin himself has warned Russia’s enemies to stay within limits.

Russian Foreign Minister said he will publish the list soon
Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the state-run Sputnik news agency that the government had specific instructions, the criteria for this work are clear. So I think we don’t have to wait long. Last week, President Putin signed an executive order to limit the number of Russians working in foreign diplomatic missions in countries that are not friends of Russia.

Putin has been ordered to identify enemy countries
It was Putin who asked the Russian Foreign Ministry to draw up a list of those countries, which have a feeling of hostility towards Russia. After that, under the leadership of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the work to identify these countries continues vigorously. Experts believe that Russia will not make this list public, but will adopt a strict policy towards these countries. Most of the countries concerned will be European.

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Diplomatic war continues with European countries
These days, Russia’s diplomatic war with many European countries continues. Over the past month, the United States, Sweden, Romania, the Czech Republic and Italy have evacuated American diplomats from their countries. In response, Russia also declared diplomats from these countries undesirable. The Czech Republic has also accused Russian officials of being involved in the explosion. At the same time, Romania lifted Russia’s attachment to supporting its neighboring country, the Czech Republic, saying it was not desirable.

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Gambling ban between the United States and Russia
Russia and the United States sanction each other. After Joe Biden became president, Russia imposed sanctions alleging Russian interference in elections and hacking to steal top secret military files. The United States ordered 10 Russian diplomats to leave the country immediately, after which Russia sacked 10 American diplomats.

How are India’s relations with Russia
Even after being close to the United States, India has a very good relationship with Russia. Direct proof of this is that when India recently faced the ravages of Corona, Russia was the first to offer help. Not only that, he also announced the immediate injection of Remedesvir and the supply of oxygen to India. The second fact is that despite millions of threats from the United States, India has not canceled the S-400 missile system agreement with Russia. Putin could visit Delhi later this year if conditions remain normal from Corona. In such a situation, there is no hope that India will join this list.

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