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The company has been fined up to Rs 2.79 crore (Rs 3 crore).

Moscow. Russia’s local court on Thursday fined Twitter 19 million rubles (about 20 million rupees) for failing to remove banned content. The fine for protesting against the company was increased to 2.79 crore rubles (three crore rupees).

In early April, Twitter was fined 89 million rubles for the same crime. Russia did not remove the banned material during that time. So far, six such cases have come up, which are being heard in court.

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The government-run public relations regulatory agency says Twitter has been accused of delaying or delaying the removal of banned content in Russia. Along with this, many offensive and provocative materials are also the main ones.

Significantly, Russia has begun cracking down on foreign social media platforms and tech companies. Other platforms, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, could face legal action. Thus, Twitter in India has gone to court against the new IT law. He says this would violate privacy.

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At the same time, the app pal company was fined around Rs 10 crore for creating a monopoly in the mobile app market. In this regard, Twitter has denied any misuse of its platform. Twitter says its policies have been against banned content.

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