Russia Top Secret Gun That Fired In Space During The Cold War: The Russian Cold War Weapon That Attacked Earth From Space

Strong points:

The first image of Russia’s top secret weapon came out, it could attack from space, this weapon continued to circle the Earth for 8 months, later Russia took it away. The weapon was stationed on the TU-22 aircraft for a long time, Western countries flew Thamosco.
Russia has unveiled a world-class weapon of war that attacked America during the Cold War. The Soviet Russian-era R-23M 23mm automatic cannon was also fired from space. This weapon circled the Earth for approximately eight months between 1974 and 1975. At that time, Russia and America were each other’s greatest enemies.

The complete defense system went public for the first time
Now the full image of this weapon has been revealed, showing the Shchit-1 self-defense system. The system was deployed to the military space station Almaz OPS-2. This photo was released by the Russian Defense Ministry during Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to the NPO Mashinostroyenia rocket design office. The company undertakes research and design of Russian missiles, rockets and fighter jets.

Until now, Russia had shown the prototype
Russia had kept this weapon a secret for years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia withdrew all weapons deployed in its military space station. In 2015, there was only one photo available of the R-23M, which was also not very good. One of its prototypes was shown in this photo. It was not showing the complete Shchit-1 self-defense system. In 2015, the official TV channel of the Russian Defense Ministry first reported this weapon.

This weapon from Russia was top secret
The R-23M was developed as a major weapon for Russian bombers. The project was started in the 1950s by creating Top Secret. This weapon was created by an agency named KB Toshmas with Aaron Rikhtar. Russia wanted to design a compact gun that could fit any aircraft. After which, this 23mm automatic cannon was developed.

This gun looked like America’s hand
This Cannon was first installed on the Tupolev TU-22 Blinder bomber. The remote-controlled and radar-guided cannon achieved enormous success in its first campaign. Russia kept this weapon a secret until Topolave ​​TU-22 planes were sold to Iraq and Libya. The weapon was launched in 1987 by the enemy countries of Russia, notably the United States, France and Great Britain. At that time, a war was underway between Libya and Chad, during which French security forces killed the Libyan TU-22 plane.

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