Russia Ukraine: Russian army withdraws troops from near Ukraine Viral video: Video of Russian army returning from Ukrainian border viral

After putting an end to the maneuvers in Crimea, the Russian army quickly returned to their respective barracks. After that, the situation of the war on the Ukrainian border becomes more and more normal. The Russian Defense Ministry released a video of the army returning from Crimea, indicating that additional troops will soon be returning to their permanent base. In these videos, Russian army trucks and armored vehicles move quickly on the highway.

Russian Defense Minister announced the end of the military exercise
It is said that after attending the military exercises, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the end of the ongoing exercises in Crimea and Western Russia. He also asked the Russian military to return to their permanent bases. Sergey Shoigu said that I had become totally confident in the preparations for my army. The soldiers showed their ability to protect the country and I decided to finish the exercises in the southern and western military districts.

Russia will not pull weapons of war from the border
Shoigu said the troops are expected to return to their bases by May 1, but ordered them to keep heavy weapons deployed in western Russia later this year as part of an exercise for another military exercise d scope. Shoigu said that many weapons and ammunition from our army will remain at the Pogonovo firing range in the southwestern region of Voronezh. The area is located 160 km east of the Ukrainian border.

Russia warns European countries including America
Russian President Putin had warned European countries, including the United States, not to cause tensions. The whole world is horrified to see the cavalry of Russian army soldiers and weapons heading for the Ukrainian border. At the same time, in response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call, Russia has brutally declared that it is free to make any military movement inside its country.

Russia teases with growing US-Ukraine closeness
Recently, a cargo ship equipped with military weapons from the United States reached Ukraine. In which many types of vehicles and other accessories were full. Russia is already teased by its growing closeness to Ukraine and the United States. Ukraine also bought a large amount of weapons and military carts from the United States. A few days ago, photos of American officers with Ukrainian soldiers went viral on social media.

Russian army returns from Ukrainian border

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