Russia warns India on the United States: deadlock in Ladakh: America with India against Chinese Dadagiri in Ladakh, but why worry in Russia? – we with India against China in Ladakh dead end know why Russia warns

Strong points:

In the midst of the Ladakh crisis, India and the United States unite against the Chinese dragon, India has signed defense agreements with the United States to strengthen China, this friendship between India and the America is increasing Russia’s tension.
India and the United States meet against the Chinese dragon eyeing Indian lands in eastern Ladakh. India has signed several important defense agreements with the United States to suppress China. The tension between Russia and India increases with the growing friendship between India and America. Russia on Thursday warned in gestures that the United States could use the tension in Ladakh for geopolitical purposes. Let us know why Russia is worried about the growing cooperation between India and America …

Russia’s Deputy Head of Mission in India, Roman Babushkin, said on Friday: “It is clear that while there are tensions between India and China amidst global unrest and uncertainty, this will have an impact on the stability of our common region, Eurasia. ” This deadlock we are witnessing can be misused by other forces for its geopolitical ends. “We think it is important to encourage our two friendly Asian countries to have a more positive dialogue,” he said.

Russia and America want to make an advantage
Roman said his country was “understandably concerned” by the tensions between India and China and that it was important that the two Asian neighbors engage in a more constructive dialogue. In fact, Russia and the United States want to forge a head start with the current tension in East Ladakh and, as a result, the tension between the two is increasing. After recent talks in Russia, a mutual agreement has been reached between India and China to reduce tensions.

Even after the intervention of the Russian Foreign Minister, China still does not seem ready to retreat to eastern Ladakh. Thousands of soldiers and deadly weapons from India and China remain stationed in eastern Ladakh even after the freezing cold. Under the leadership of President Donald Trump of the United States of America, the United States, along with India, Japan and Australia, have stepped up the “Quad” to teach China a lesson. Not only that, the United States is giving modern weapons to India, Russia’s largest arms market.

Russia is very afraid of the quad
Russia’s tension has increased with this unilateral attack on America. Russia fears that if India goes to the American camp through the crowds, its problems will increase dramatically, while America’s influence will increase dramatically in Asia. Not only that, the Russian economy will also be in crisis after being eliminated from the Indian market. For this reason, Russia has started to reduce tensions between the two member countries, India and China, through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS meeting.

Russia to hand over S-400 missile to India soon
Amid tensions with China, Russia has ensured to deliver the S-400 missile defense system to India as soon as possible. The S-400 surface-to-air defense system is one of the most advanced systems in the world. Over medium to long range, its radar can spot and track aircraft approaching a range of 400 kilometers (249 mi) and strike targets with multiple missiles.

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