Russia warns of civil war in Afghanistan after NATO troop withdrawal

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has warned that a civil war will erupt in the country as soon as the United States withdraws from Afghanistan. The Russian Defense Minister said that the role of Pakistan and Iran is important in maintaining the unity of the Afghan people. He called on neighboring countries and international organizations to make efforts to deal with the deteriorating state of Afghanistan.

Addressing an international security conference, the Russian Defense Minister called for the proper use of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. He said there should be discussion among defense agencies of Asia-Pacific countries in multi-level forums regarding the security of military activities and mechanisms to prevent violent incidents in Asia. “We are ready to share our experience in solving these problems on our side,” said the Russian Defense Minister.

This statement by the Russian Defense Minister comes at a time when violence from the Taliban side in Afghanistan has dramatically increased. The Taliban have captured many major cities. In the latest incident, a rocket attack damaged a hospital in Kunar province, eastern Afghanistan. “Several rockets were fired at the city of Asadabad on Wednesday and one of them hit the hospital, damaging the facilities and setting fire to the vaccine depot,” provincial governor Mohammad Iqbal Syed said in the report. Xinhua News Agency.

City health officials said Kovid-19 and polio vaccines were kept in the depot. Governor Syed said two more rockets were fired into the residential area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAsadabad and some houses were damaged. He said militants fighting against the Afghan government had launched rocket and mortar attacks on the city of Asadabad since Tuesday. Taliban militants operating in parts of Kunar province did not take responsibility for the attack.

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