Russian Air Force in Syria: viral video of Russian aerospace forces air strike in Syria: video of Russian Air Force fighter jets in viral Syria

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Russian fighter jets wreak havoc in Syria, 200 militants killed
Russia, backing President Basar al-Assad’s government in Syria, has killed at least 200 ISIS militants in an airstrike. Russian Air Force fighter jets fired several missiles at ISIS targets northeast of Palmyra. Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov, who led the Russian army in Syria, confirmed the attack. ISIS terrorists were making explosive devices at these bases.

The airstrike was carried out after the intelligence
Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov said Russian forces had received information that militants had established a base northeast of Palmyra. From there, terrorist organizations would send their members to attack and manufacture explosive devices. Karpoy said that after being confirmed by satellite and intelligence agencies, the Russian Aerospace Force carried out airstrikes on their targets.

Allegations of serious harm to terrorists
He claimed that the airstrikes destroyed two shelters, more than 200 terrorists, 24 pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns, 500 kilograms of ammunition and several materials for making explosive devices. The Russian admiral claimed that the aim of these terrorists was to create instability in the country ahead of the presidential election on May 26. They were planning terrorist attacks against government agencies.

The historic city of Syria is Palmyra
Palmyra is a historic city. It was the capital of the Palmyrin Empire, one of the wealthiest cities of the Roman Empire. The ancient ruins and monuments of Palmyra, included in the UNESCO World Heritage site, were destroyed by ISIS militants in 2015. It included the Temple of Bel, the Temple of Balashmin, the Arch of Triumph and the pillars were destroyed by mausoleums in the valley.

Today Russia wreaks havoc in Syria, 21 ISIS terrorists killed in 130 airstrikes
Fighting continues in all parts of Syria
At present, heavy fighting between the government-backed army and ISIS fighters continues in the Badiya region of Syria. In which the Russian army also provides assistance on behalf of the Syrian government army. Since 2014, Syria and Iraq have faced terror from ISIS. With this, all of Syria has become a battleground. At present, there is no other region directly under government control except Damascus, the capital of Syria. Everywhere, either local armed groups are in possession or the last ISIS terrorists.

‘We shot down many Israeli missiles in the air,’ Syrian army said
Syria has become a battleground between many countries
Syria, which was destroyed by ISIS terrorists, is emerging as a battleground between powerful countries around the world. There has already been an escalation of Russia and the United States. While Russia supports the Syrian government, the United States opposes it. The United States has supported the military squadrons of the Kurds, a minority faction in Syria. At the same time, Israel is also constantly attacking to eliminate the presence of Iranian militias in Syria. Turkey is also trying to strengthen its interests with the force of mercenaries in Syria.

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