Russian Air Force: Specifications and Photos of Russian Air Force PAK DA Strategic Bomber: Russian Air Force New Strategic Bomber Approved

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Amid tensions with the United States, a new strategic bomber is under construction.
Russia has given final approval to the design of its PAK DA strategic bomber amid continuing tensions along the Ukrainian border. Work is underway to build the first prototype of this stealth bomber, the first batch of which will be ready by the end of this year. It is claimed that this bomber will be so deadly that no American missile defense system will catch it. This bomber will be able to carry many types of bombs including nuclear missiles.

The Russian Defense Ministry gave the green signal
Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti quoted a defense industry source as saying the Defense Ministry approved the design of the PAK DA. The source also said that work on manufacturing several prototypes of PAK DA is also underway at this time. The developers of this bomber plane are focusing more on integrating Tupolev’s Engineer Stealth feature and long-range missiles.

This plane will not be picked up by the American radar
TASS claimed in a report last year that construction work on the prototype of this bomber is underway and is expected to be completed by 2021. However, the project has suffered delays due to the corona virus outbreak. . The aircraft will also have an internal wiper bay to hold the weapons inside. Due to which the radar signature of this aircraft will be very weak at the time of flight.

This aircraft can fire cruise and hypersonic missiles
Russian engineers studied enemy radars to increase its stealth capability. After which this aircraft was specially designed. However, this bomber looks like an American B-2. It is said that this bomber can fire many types of cruise and hypersonic missiles. This will also include nuclear missiles.

This bomber can control an army of drones
This aircraft can also control an army of drones during strike missions. Swarm drone technology is developing very rapidly today. In which a drone attack can be carried out without entering enemy territory. Many of these drones can be used to gather intelligence and carry out multiple attacks. This Russian bomber could command hundreds of such drones during the flight.

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