Russian Ambassador to the United States: Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov returns to Washington with an optimistic state of mind: Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov leaves for Washington

The Russian ambassador returns to the United States after the agreement reached during the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Three months earlier, he had been recalled amid mounting tensions between the United States and Russia. Putin and Biden agreed at a summit in Geneva last week that Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov would return to the United States. Likewise, US Ambassador John Sullivan will return to Russia, which left Moscow in April.

Antonov left for New York
Antonov left for New York on Sunday on an Aeroflot flight, from where he will fly to Washington, the US capital. However, no date has yet been announced when Sullivan will visit Moscow. Biden alleged in a TV interview that Putin was a murderer. Antonov was then recalled and Sullivan was asked to leave the country.

There have been discussions between the two leaders on Syria as well.
Joe Biden also spoke with Vladimir Putin on the issue of Syria. Biden had called for the abandonment of efforts to shut down the endpoint of the delivery of international humanitarian aid to Syria. However, there was no agreement to keep it open. Russia is threatening to use a veto in the UN Security Council to block the road that provides aid to millions of Syrian civilians internally displaced by the civil war in Syria.

Biden called the meeting of two superpowers
Biden described the occasion as a reunion of two great powers. At the start of the meeting, the two leaders shook hands. Biden extended his first hand and smiled at Putin. The two leaders then posed for a photo with the President of Switzerland, Guy Parmelin, who greeted the two leaders.

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