Russian anti-satellite missile: US claims, Russia carried out anti-satellite missile test, accusations of rearming space

The confrontation of military power between the United States and Russia extends to space. In this episode, US Space Command claimed that Russia had tested anti-satellite missiles. At the same time, the United States has alleged that Russia is increasing its weapons in space. Arms control was discussed by the Ministry of Defense and Home Affairs a day earlier.

Significantly, there are only a few months left for the US-Russian arms control treaty to end and Moscow and Washington have discussed expanding the deal, but differences remain. The US Space Command has said it will protect the interests of the United States and its allies from space aggression.

Come face to face
Earlier in April, the US Space Command also claimed that Russia had carried out anti-satellite missile tests. At the same time, Russia rejected the claims of the United States and the United Kingdom in July. On the contrary, Russia had alleged that the United States itself wanted to deploy weapons in space. Russia had said the test it carried out posed no threat to debris in space. The United States also admitted it hadn’t tracked any debris.

Russia denies launching missiles into space

Ground stress
The new START agreement was signed in 2010 between then-US President Barack Obama and the immediate Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Under the new START agreement, the two countries are only allowed to deploy 1,550 nuclear warheads and 700 missiles and bombers. Following the exit of the two countries from the 1987 Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, New START is the only remaining agreement between the two countries. Experts fear that if this, too, is over, not only will the armies of the two countries run out of control, but global stability will also be threatened.

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