Russian apocalyptic plane: Vladimir Putin orders two Il-96-400M planes as Russian apocalyptic plane: Vladimir Putin orders two Il-96-400M planes to build the Russian apocalyptic plane

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the verge of obtaining two new state-of-the-art aircraft for use in nuclear war. By boarding these planes, Putin will not only steer clear of danger on the ground, but will also give the necessary orders to the Russian military. This aircraft, named Ilyushin 96-400M, will be the Russian military and missile command center during the nuclear attack. Russia named the Zveno-3S project.

Will replace the old Ilyushin Il-80 Maxdoms
A source in the Russian military industry said the first of two new airborne command and control planes was under construction. The Kremlin’s new flying command plane will replace the old Ilyushin Il-80 Maxdoms. Russia has four of these old planes, one of which is still ready to fly to Moscow. It is designed to protect the Russian president in an emergency. However, the new aircraft under construction will be equipped with many types of advanced technologies.

This plane will save senior officials including the president
The new Russian aircraft was designed to safely protect the president and other senior military, security and ministerial officials in the event of nuclear war. This aircraft will fly with several fighter planes. In this case, the ease of in-flight refueling, i.e. aerial refueling, can also be performed. It will also have many security features like the US Air Force One. These planes can also dodge enemy missiles.

Russia will get two of these air command posts
It is said that the Russian aerospace forces will receive two air command posts based on the IL-96-400M. One of these planes is being built at the Voronezh Aviation Plant by modifying the design of the new Ilyushin Il-96-400M aircraft. This aircraft will also not be affected by radioactive, chemical and biological attacks. Not only that, the windows and doors of this aircraft will be so strong that they can easily withstand even a gun bullet.

Give instructions to soldiers and weapons within a radius of 6000 km
Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets reported that the aircraft’s radio complex could easily issue orders to troops, strategic bombers, mobile launchers and silos, missile sites and submarines carrying strategic nuclear weapons in a 6,000 km radius. Currently, these planes with Russia will have almost double the flight range of the new aircraft.

Why was the exercise to build new aircraft launched?
Indeed, a few months ago, one of the four former Kremlin command planes was robbed by people due to an embarrassing security breach. The incident took place in the Sea of ​​Azov, the Russian city of Taganrog, where he was brought for repair. Around 39 pieces of radio equipment were stolen after the loading hatch was opened. The equipment contained gold and platinum, precious metals that are believed to be possible reasons for the theft. They weighed several kilograms. Police arrested a 36-year-old taxi driver for theft.

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