Russian Army: Video of the Uran-9 Strike robotic vehicle attack in Russia has gone viral amid the tension at the Ukrainian border: Video of the Russian army’s Uran-9 robotic tank amidst the tension in Ukraine Ukrainian border goes viral

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Russia deploys its Uran-9 unmanned tank amid tensions with Ukraine. He can attack the enemy from afar via the Ukraine. The Russian army is equipped with a 30mm cannon and anti-tank missiles.
Robotic tank units have been activated in the Russian military on the orders of President Vladimir Putin amid growing tension on the Ukrainian border. Russia’s decision is linked to preparations for World War III. Because, in favor of Ukraine included in NATO, many countries including the United States, France, Germany and Turkey have spoken openly. On the other hand, Russia has also increased the number of weapons and troops along the border, rejecting pressure from countries around the world.

Russia warns European countries including America
Russian President Putin had warned European countries, including the United States, not to cause tensions. The whole world is horrified to see the cavalry of the Russian army soldiers and weapons heading for the Ukrainian border. At the same time, in response to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s call, Russia has brutally declared that it is free to make any military movement inside its country.

Russian Defense Minister visits factory
Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguu this week visited the robot tank production plant in Nakhabino, near Moscow. After that, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that five units of the Uran-9 robotic system would soon be deployed in the military. For this, the soldiers will also receive training. Russia has been demonstrating this deadly weapon during its military parade for 2 or 3 years.

Russian Uran-9 is equipped with these deadly weapons
According to Russian media, the Euron-9 can track the target using its own cameras and artificial intelligence, but the order to shoot gives the gunner seated three kilometers from the tank. This tank is fully remote controlled. It carries weapons such as a 30mm automatic cannon, Ataka anti-tank missile and Schmel Flemethrow.

Russia also manufactures the remote control of the T-14 armata tank
Russia had tested the remote-controlled variant of its T-14 Armata tank a few months earlier. In which it was claimed that this tank fired shells at its target from a distance without crew members. Thanks to the remote control, the crew of this tank will be safe outside the range of hundreds of liters of fuel and tanks. Thanks to these tanks, the personnel of the Russian army will be able to attack the enemy from a safe distance.

Can target tanks without unmanned enemies
Citing military construction sources, Russian news agency Sputnik said the T-14 Armata tank on the battlefield is capable of finding and destroying its targets without the presence of the crew. During this test, the T-14 successfully destroyed its targets. This is the first time in Russian military history that a crew seated in the distance has tested a remotely operated tank.

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