Russian Bear Predicts Joe Biden’s Victory: US Election Prediction: Russian Tiger Bear Prediction, Which He Will Win In Biden And Donald Trump – Russian Bear And Tigers Predict Joe Biden Will Win The 2020 US Election Donald Trump Will Lose

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Political experts are trying to find out if Trump will win the election or if Biden will win. Meanwhile, the election was predicted from a zoo in Russian Siberia.
Veteran political pundits around the world are trying to find out whether current President Donald Trump will win the U.S. election or who Biden will win. Meanwhile, the election was predicted from a Siberian zoo. During this period, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden gained the upper hand. There are three residents of this zoo who make this prediction.

These include a Siberian brown bear, a white Bengal tiger, and another Siberian tiger. According to a report by the Moscow Times, these three received two watermelons. On one of them, the photo of Trump was engraved on the other watermelon. White Bengal Tiger Khan ignored Trump’s watermelon and started circling around Biden’s watermelon.

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The Siberian tiger Barak also showed interest in Biden’s watermelon and made it pop. Then it was the Siberian brown bear Buyan. Buyan also chose Biden’s watermelon and didn’t just make it his food. A polar bear at this zoo predicted in 2016 that Trump would win the election by defeating Hillary Clinton.

Trump divided the country, vote to remove them: Biden
Meanwhile, Joe Biden called on the American public to remove President Donald Trump from office. He said Trump had divided and ruined the country for the past four years. Biden said at an auto rally in Detroit, Michigan: “In three days we can end the reign of a president who divided the country, who could not protect this country, who spread fire hatred all over the country.

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Trump has said that I am convinced that this time the American public will oust Trump. He said, “Millions of Americans voted. Millions more will vote in the coming days. And my message to you is simple, you have the power to change the power of the country. I don’t care about the strength of the trumps. But no one is going to stop the people of this country from voting.

‘Trump your bed and come home’
Biden yelled at Trump, saying, “The time has come for Trump to fold his bag and go home.” We have had enough of the turmoil. Tweet …. Anger ….. Hate ….. Failure. Irresponsible attitude. all that.’ He said, “There is still a lot of work to be done. If I am elected your president, we will work to control Kovid. Biden joked that the world was laughing at him when Trump last spoke at the United Nations.

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