Russian Coronavirus Vaccine: Good News on Russian Corona Vaccine, Putin Ordered To Tax Ordinary People From Next Week – Russian President Vladimir Putin Tells Officials To Start Mass Vaccinations Against Covid-19 next week

From next week in Russia, work on applying the vaccine against the corona virus to ordinary citizens will begin. President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered officials to begin vaccination against the corona virus from next week. Putin told Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova that you will not give me any report next week but will start vaccination all over the country. Be aware that even after making two or two corona virus vaccines, cases of the corona virus in Russia continue to increase.

More than 2.3 million infected corona in Russia

With this, the total number of people infected with the corona virus in Russia reached 2,347,401. In the past 24 hours, 245 people have died from corona infection. At the same time, the number of people who have died from this epidemic in the country is said to be 41,053 people. However, many experts have already expressed doubts that Russia is hiding all of its corona cases and presenting the wrong numbers.

Russia claimed to make a two-corona vaccine

On August 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to have created the world’s first vaccine against the corona virus, Sputnik-V. Subsequently, in October, Putin approved the second corona vaccine “EpiVacCorona” after an initial trial. On the Sputnik-V vaccine, Putin also claimed that he increased the speed of recovery and that his daughter received a dose.

Know the Sputnik V vaccine

The Sputnik V vaccine was developed by the Gamalaya Research Institute in Moscow in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Defense to base adenoviruses. The Russian vaccine is based on the common adenovirus which causes the common cold. This vaccine was created artificially. It mimics the structural protein found in the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which produces the exact same immune response in the body following infection with the corona virus. That is, in a way, the human body responds the same as infection with the corona virus, but it does not have the fatal consequences of COVID-19.

Russia’s second peptide-based corona vaccine

The second vaccine against the corona virus “EpiVacCorona” was developed by the Siberian biotechnology company. This peptide-based vaccine must be administered twice to avoid corona. It is built by the Vector Institute in Siberia. Russian Vice President Tatyana Golikova and the head of the Consumer Protection Supervisory Institute, Anna Popova, were also vaccinated, according to the Moscow Times.

Government approval of Russia’s third corona vaccine by December

Russia’s third corona virus vaccine will receive government approval by December, according to the report. Vector’s plan is to have the first 60,000 doses of EpiVacCorona vaccine ready as soon as possible. Earlier on August 11, Russia announced that it had approved the world’s first vaccine against the corona virus, Sputnik V.

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