Russian helicopter crash in Armenia

After the entry into the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a major accident with a Russian helicopter was reported. On Monday, a Russian Mi-24 plane was shot down by unknown forces in the Yarsakh village area of ‚Äč‚ÄčArmenia. Two members of the helicopter crew were killed in this attack. At the same time, another was admitted to hospital with serious injuries.

The Russian Defense Ministry gave this information. The ministry said the crash happened after the plane lost control after hitting a missile. At the time the helicopter was attacked, it was under the protection of the 102nd Russian military base in the region of Armenia. The Russian Defense Ministry said two helicopter crew members died in the attack. At the same time, another was seriously injured. He is admitted to the hospital.

Russian army investigates
The ministry said the attacker of the Russian helicopter had not been detected. The command of the 102nd military base is investigating this matter. The peculiarity is that the place where the helicopter was attacked does not fall under the active battlefield of Nagorno-Karbakh. Be aware that Russia has also entered directly into the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has lasted for more than a month.

In the past, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that if Azerbaijan directly invaded regions of Armenia, it would provide all possible assistance to Armenia. Earlier, Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinian had also requested immediate assistance from Russia.

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