Russian Husband Eder Dies of Choking After 101kg Wife Tatiana Sits on His Face: Angry Husband Sits Over 101kg Wife Dead

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In Siberia, a woman weighing 101 kg sat on her husband’s face, often stifling the fight between husband and wife, but this time they also filed for divorce, after which the elders of the house explained to them that ‘ by ending the quarrel, withdraw the divorce Petition
A horrific incident has taken place in Siberia, Russia. In Siberia, a 101 kg woman sat on her husband’s face, suffocating him and he died. There was often a fight between husband and wife, but this time they also filed for divorce. After that, the elders of the house explained to them that they should withdraw the divorce petition after ending the quarrel.

After that, there was a lot of debate between husband and wife. This debate is now costing women more. In fact, the wife sat on her husband’s face and demanded that he apologize. The husband could not breathe due to sitting on the face of such a huge woman and he died on the spot due to suffocation. The wife accused of the murder has been identified as Tatiana. At the same time, the name of the husband is said to be Adar.
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‘I didn’t want to kill my husband’
According to reports, Tatiana refused to do so after Tatiana asked for forgiveness. After that, the angry woman pushed Adar to the ground and sat on his face. After sitting on Tatiana’s face with such a heavy body, her husband died because he couldn’t breathe. During this time, Adar kept begging the woman to breathe several times but he did not listen to one.
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Adar told Tatiana to let her get up but she was very angry. Tatiana refused to rise above her face. As a result, Adar couldn’t breathe and died. Tatiana’s daughter saw her father’s body for the first time. Tatiana said after the assassination: “I didn’t want to kill my husband. I just wanted to calm her down after a fight. When the debate started, it was said constantly. He was crying. I sat down next to his mouth. I had no idea he would die.

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