Russian military base in Tajikistan: Russia strengthens its military base in Tajikistan

The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan has alarmed not only the neighboring country but also Russia. In view of the growing threats to peace and stability in Central Asia, Russia has deployed extensive military equipment, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles along the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. There are reports that Russia and Tajikistan will conduct joint military exercises on the border with Afghanistan in the coming days.

The large Russian military base in Tajikistan
The Russian army in Tajikistan has the largest military base on foreign soil. According to the Interfax news agency, Russia has deployed 17 infantry fighting vehicles to Tajikistan to strengthen its military base. The first batch of BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles was delivered to Dushanbe a day earlier with the help of Russian Air Force transport planes. Russian tanks are already stationed near the Afghan-Tajik border.

Russia to lead maneuvers with Tajikistan
Interfax quoted the commander of Russia’s Central Military District, Alexander Lapin, as saying that the deployment of new weapons in Tajikistan would significantly increase combat capability. Russia has announced more military exercises with Tajikistan in the coming days due to the rise of the Taliban. The day before, Tajikistan carried out the largest military exercise in its 30-year history.

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Russian army patrols T-72 tanks
A few days ago, Russian tanks stationed at a military base in Tajikistan patrolled 200 kilometers near the Afghan border, Russian news agency Tass reported, citing Russia’s Central Military District. During this time, the crew of the T-72 tank practiced guarding the convoy and pushing back the enemy. The statement said Russian tanks covered combat vehicles as they approached the border.

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Tajikistan conducted world’s largest military exercise
Tajikistan conducted the largest exercise in Afghanistan amid the growing threat from the Taliban regime. Not only that, Tajikistan has also deployed 20,000 additional troops to the Afghan border. The President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmon, said that the situation in our neighboring country, Afghanistan, especially near our border in the northern region, has become very complex and unstable. It gets more complicated day by day and hour by hour. He called on the armed forces to prepare to deal with any possible threat so that the country’s border can be protected.

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