Russian missile exercises: Russia Vladimir Putin plans more than 200 missile exercises in 2021 Tension in NATO countries

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Russia has announced that it will test more than 200 missiles in 2021, at a time when Russia announced that the “ Satan 2 ” missile will be ready soon. The missiles will be tested
Amid escalating tensions with European member states of the United States and NATO, Russia has announced that it will test more than 200 missiles in 2021. Russia announced this at a time when its missile very lethal hypersonic intercontinental “Satan 2” will be ready soon. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that 200 missiles will be tested under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin.

Russia had previously only tested around 200 missiles in 2020 as well. Russia’s Tass news agency quoted the Defense Ministry as saying, “In 2021, the Strategic Missile Force will conduct 200 exercises at various levels. This includes strategic and special exercises of missile regiments and missile divisions. There will be a change in the aggressiveness of activities during practice.

Panic in NATO countries due to missiles
Russia is currently preparing its RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental missile for flight tests. It is said that this missile can destroy any air defense system. The country’s deputy minister said such trials would take place in the near future. According to an American report, the Sarmat or Satan 2 missile can kill from 10,000 to 18,000 km. There is an atmosphere of panic in the NATO countries over this Russian missile.

The destructive capacity of this missile is measured from the fact that all of France can be destroyed all at once. The RS-18 missile can carry a single large thermonuclear bomb or 16 small nuclear bombs. Not only that, if the Russian security forces so desire, the nuclear nuclear bomb can be equipped with a thermonuclear bomb and can fire this missile. The special thing about this missile is that each of its warheads can destroy different targets. The RS-18 missile will replace the SS-18 based on the Soviet design. The SS-18 is the heaviest intercontinental missile in the world.

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