Russian Navy Day: Navy Day Parade 2021 Indian Navy Russian Navy Exercise INS Tabar Indra 2021: Indian Navy Warship INS Tabar Joins Russian Navy Day Parade

Russia showed its naval power to the world through a parade on the 325th Naval Day today. The Indian Navy warship INS Tabar also participated in this naval parade which was held in St. Petersburg. The significance of this parade can be measured by the fact that Indian Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh also participated. The Indian warship has demonstrated its might in the Gulf of Finland with warships from many countries of the world.

India will also conduct maneuvers with the Russian Navy
An Indian Navy marching band also participated in the Russian Naval Parade. After the parade, INS Tabar crew members in St. Petersburg will engage in various bilateral talks with the Russian Navy. After that, the Indian and Russian navies will also conduct joint exercises. The name of this maneuver will be Indra 2021. Its objective is to promote joint operations to counter maritime threats and ensure maritime security.
How powerful is INS Tabar
INS Tabar is the third Talwar class frigate of the Indian Navy. The INS Tabar is a Russian-built warship. She was commissioned in the Indian Navy on April 19, 2004 in Kaliningrad, Russia. This warship is operated by the Western Command of the Indian Navy. The length of this warship with a displacement of 3620 tons is 124.8 meters. There is also a helicopter deck in the back.

These weapons are stationed on INS Tabar
The maximum speed of the INS Tabar is 56 km / h. 180 crew members including 18 officers are deployed on this warship. The naval version of the Buk Shtil-1 missile system is deployed in number of 24 on this warship. Shtil-1 is a medium range anti-aircraft missile. Apart from this, 8 Igla Man Portabar anti-missile system numbers are also deployed. It also has eight vertical launch tubes for firing Club-class anti-ship cruise missiles. It has a 100mm main gun named A-190E for hitting enemy land and air targets at low altitude.

Why is Russia showing strength in St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg is one of the largest industrial cities in Russia. This is where the northern fleet of the Russian navy is stationed, which provides security from Europe to the Arctic. Most of Russia’s trade is also carried out from the St. Petersburg shipyard. The Gulf of Finland then joins the Baltic Sea. American forces are stationed in Poland and Germany located on its shores. Because of which Russia’s tension remains.

Putin’s show of power amid US-UK tensions, Russian navy to parade in Baltic Sea
Russia irritated by NATO maneuvers
Russia is irritated by the annual Sea Bridge exercise of the US-led military organization NATO in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. NATO countries deliberately maneuver in this area every year to provoke Russia. Russian Navy warships also closely monitored this military exercise. It brought together around 5,000 soldiers and 32 warships from 32 countries of the anti-Russian faction.

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