Russian Navy gunfire from HMS Defender: Russian Navy gunfire at British warship, bombed fighter planes, what’s going on in the Black Sea? – russian navy warship fires shots at royal navy hms defender in black sea, russia tension in uk looks like war situation

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Russian warships fired at British warship in Black Sea Russia accused British warship of crossing maritime border Tension increased in both Black Sea countries, America also active London
The Russian Navy opened fire on the British Royal Navy warship SMS Defender patrolling the Black Sea on Wednesday. Not only that, the Russian Su-34M fighter plane even tried to cause panic by dropping bombs in the way of this ship. After this incident, a war-like situation arose between the navies of the two countries. There was already a standoff between the United States and Russia for supremacy in the Black Sea. In the meantime, the strategic situation has completely changed with the entry of Great Britain into this tension.

Russian warships fired bullets
According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the British warship HMS Defender crossed the northwestern part of the Black Sea at 11:52 a.m. local time today. After which the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy and the Russian Border Service of the FSB went into action for the siege of this warship. He gave a verbal warning to the British warship to change course first. After which the Russian warships also fired two warning shots.

A fighter jet also dropped bombs in front of a British warship
The British warship SMS Defender initially ignored this warning from the Russian Navy. After which the Su-24M fighter plane included in the Russian Navy dropped large bombs on the way to the British warship. These bombs were dropped on the path in front of the battleship. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the fighter jet dropped four highly explosive bombs to warn the British destroyer.
British warship changed course after firing
The Russian Defense Ministry said that after this bombing the British warship changed course. The Russian Defense Ministry said the British warship had been warned in advance that it could be shot with weapons if it crossed the Russian state border. This ship ignored our warning. HMS Defender left the territorial seas of the Russian Federation at 12:23 p.m., following joint action by the Black Sea Fleet and the Russian Federal Security Service.

UK Ministry of Defense denies shooting incident
After this incident, Russia immediately called on the British military attaché to register a protest. However, the UK Ministry of Defense has denied claims that shots were fired at HMS Defender. A statement indicates that no warning shot was fired at HMS Defender. The Royal Navy vessel operates a seamless passage through Ukrainian territorial waters in accordance with international law.

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