Russian Navy: Mercury naval corvette nearing completion, all about the first stealth warship

Russia is building a warship equipped with stealth technology to increase its naval strength. Russian Navy officials have said the warship could be commissioned within the first three months of next year. With the inclusion of this warship, the strength of the Russian Navy will increase significantly. The warship could pose problems for the United States, which is engaged in military competition with Russia in Europe and in the Arctic.

Won’t catch enemy radar
Russian state media RIA claims the Mercury Naval Corvette will not be able to detect the warship by radar mounted on enemy ships. The lower part of this warship associated with project 20386 was completed a long time ago. Construction work on its upper part is also almost completed. Once fully ready, she will be sent for sea trials for a few months.

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This warship will be officially included next year
Russian media have reported that the stealth warship Mercury could be inducted into the Navy next year. The warship will be equipped with cruise missiles, anti-aircraft guns and advanced artillery. Not only that, many types of advanced equipment, including sonar, were also installed there to detect enemy submarines present hundreds of meters underwater.

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Radar absorbent coating on warship
The mouth of the Kremlin claimed the warship was covered with material that absorbs radar waves. Other than that, Mercury was designed in such a way that waves from enemy radar would pass through or be absorbed. When the waves emanating from the radar bounce off an object, the location and size of that object are known.

Russia has invested heavily in the navy
Vladimir Putin has invested heavily in the Russian Navy in recent years. Despite this, many Russian Defense Ministry projects remain in limbo due to sanctions from the United States and the European Union. Russia’s relations with European countries have not been perfect since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. According to sources, the new Russian warship will be equipped with Caliber cruise missiles.

Russian stealth warship

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