Russian Navy Missile Drills Video: Watch the video Russia – UK Russian Navy Missile Drills near HMS Queen Elizabeth: Russian Navy Maneuvers near the British Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Russia, embroiled in Britain over Crimea, has come up with a new trick to tease Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Russian Navy will conduct missile maneuvers near the British Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, patrolling the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian Navy maneuver area is only 30 km from HMS Queen Elizabeth. For any missile or fighter plane flying at a speed of thousands of kilometers per hour, this distance does not matter. A few days ago, Russia expelled the British warship HMS Defender from Crimea.

Russia has issued a NOTAM
The Russian Defense Ministry issued a NOTAM for missile testing as soon as British aircraft carriers arrived in the area. In fact, it is a warning that a deadly flying object will be tested in this area. In this, flying weapons like missiles, drones are tested. Thus, air and sea transport are prohibited in this area.

These Russian warships will wreak havoc in the exercise
According to this notice, Russian Navy warships and submarines are about to start maneuvers in this area from (past) Saturday. The Russian Defense Ministry said it will include five warships, two submarines, the Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, MiG-31K fighter jets with hypersonic missiles. He was also informed that even before the start of the exercise, two MiG-31K fighter jets had reached Russia’s Khamimim airbase in Syria.

Russian Navy shoots British warship, bombed fighter plane, what’s going on in the Black Sea?
British aircraft carrier patrolling the Mediterranean Sea
The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has been patrolling the Mediterranean Sea for a month as part of Operation Deployment. Currently this aircraft carrier of the British Navy is located in the south of Cyprus. It aims to present the concept of Global Britain and the commitment of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Britain aims to establish the image of the Royal Navy as the most powerful navy in Europe with the help of this warship.

These weapons of war are stationed on Chams Queen Elizabeth
The entire fleet of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth or Styker Group consists of two squadrons of F-35B Lightning fighters, stealth fighters, two Type 45 class destroyers, two Type 23 figures, two tankers and of a fleet of helicopters. He was sent from Britain only a few months ago to patrol several important places in Asia and Europe. There is a discussion that Australia and Canada may also be invited to exercise with this warship.
Russian aircraft Tu-22M3 is the aircraft carrier killer
The Russian nuclear bomber Tu-22M3 is known as the aircraft carrier killer. He can destroy any powerful warship at sea in an instant. The Tu-22M3 was developed from the Tu-22M of the Soviet Union. Which is capable of attacking up to a distance of 5100 km at supersonic speed. The maximum speed of this deadly bomber capable of carrying out a nuclear attack is 2300 kilometers per hour. This bomber, 40 meters long and 34 meters wide, flies using a turbojet.

This Russian bomber can dodge the radar
America is also afraid of this deadly bomber. Because, this bomber is able to fly low enough to escape the radar. The US-led military organization, NATO, named it Backfire-C. It also has an in-flight refueling nose for in-flight refueling. This further increases its reach. Russia has also tested this ship on the Syrian battlefield. Where he destroyed many terrorist bases with his fierce bombing.

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