Russian Navy Parade: World War III Russian Navy deploys nuclear powered submarine in Baltic Sea

The Russian Navy will hold a military parade on July 25 at the behest of President Vladimir Putin amid continuing tensions with the United States and Britain in the Black Sea. Warships, nuclear submarines, frigates, missile boats and Russian Navy fighter jets will take part in this parade, which will be held in the Gulf of Finland, adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, the Russian Navy’s Borei-class nuclear submarine Prince Vladimir has been spotted in the Gulf of Finland. The submarine is armed with 16 numbers of Bulawa R-30 submarine launch ballistic missiles.

The three Russian nuclear submarines near the Baltic Sea
Two days earlier, the Oscar-II-class nuclear-powered cruise ship Orel (K-266) had been sighted in the Gulf of Finland. This nuclear submarine is also capable of carrying out nuclear strikes on 96 targets simultaneously. Apart from that, another Russian nuclear submarine is patrolling this area. This is the first time that Russia has deployed three nuclear submarines simultaneously in the Baltic Sea region.

Russian Navy will show its strength on July 25
The Russian Navy Parade will take place on July 25 at the St. Petersburg Naval Base in the Gulf of Finland. Saint Petersburg is one of the largest industrial cities in Russia. This is where the northern fleet of the Russian navy is stationed, which ensures the security of Europe in the Arctic. Most of Russia’s trade is also carried out from the St. Petersburg shipyard.

Russian killer nuclear submarine spotted in Baltic Sea, US, UK freaked out by Putin’s anger
Russia irritated by NATO maneuvers
Russia is irritated by the annual Sea Bridge exercise of the US-led military organization NATO in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. NATO countries deliberately maneuver in this area every year to provoke Russia. Russian Navy warships also closely monitored this military exercise. It brought together around 5,000 soldiers and 32 warships from 32 countries of the anti-Russian faction.

S-400 missile system: what happened to Russia in Crimea? Suddenly, the strength of the S-400 missile system began to be verified
Russia has already tested the S-400 in Crimea
Two days ago, the Russian Air Force tested the S-400 missile system in Ukraine-occupied Crimea. Russian military officials said they were checking the operational readiness of this missile defense system. Captain Alexey Rulyov, spokesperson for the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet, said planes and helicopters from the Black Sea Fleet conducted the exercise with the training of the Army of the air of the southern military district.

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