Russian Navy: Russian cruise missile goes out of control during test firing by Marshal Shaposhnikov Destroyer Video viral

Amid US military tension, a Russian missile failed during the test and fell into the sea. Video of this incident is going viral on social media. This caliber cruise missile is said to have been launched from the 1155-class destroyer Udloy Morschel Shaposhnikov. In the video, the missile is seen moving uncontrollably shortly after being launched. After which she falls and falls into the sea.

Video disclosed on social networks
It is said to be an official recording, part of which was leaked on the Russian Telegram social network. Later it also goes very viral on Twitter and YouTube. Russian Navy destroyer Morschel Shaposhnikov is back after an overhaul. After which he was again inducted into the Pacific Fleet by the Russian Navy. These destroyers are being tested these days.

Russian army channel showed successful launch
The caliber missile was drilled with live fire from the vertical launch system that had been installed there since early April after returning to sea. On April 27, footage of a successful missile launch was broadcast on the channel. official information from the Russian Defense Ministry, Jveja. After which, it is claimed that these two incidents may be the same.

Test underway in the Sea of ​​Japan
According to Jajeva’s report, this missile test is underway in the Sea of ​​Japan. This includes several warships of the Russian Army’s Eastern Fleet stationed in the Pacific Ocean. Including live fire drills, missile and gun fire. For this reason, tensions in Japan and Russia have also increased significantly. The US Navy also keeps an eye out for Russian Navy antics with its reconnaissance planes near Japan.

The three Russian nuclear submarines went out into the Arctic, tearing through the ice together, watching the world panicked
This warship was built in 1984
In 1984, the Udloy-class anti-submarine war destroyer Morschel Shaposhnikov was created as Russian Navy project 1155. Four years from today, this warship was brought to Vladivostok for overhaul. After which the ship was upgraded and in addition to the vertical launch system, additional guns and subsonic Euron anti-ship missiles were deployed. It was claimed that 20% of its old structure had been demolished and new constructions had been built there.

More powerful after upgrade
The ship has a new communication system to interact with the rest of the warships and command centers, a new power plant to provide a greater amount of power and more powerful sonar to detect underwater movements. It has a 3S14 vertical launch system for launching caliber cruise missiles. There are a total of 16 missile launch cells on the ship. With this, the Onix supersonic anti-ship cruise missile can also be fired. It is suspected that the Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile is also integrated inside this missile.

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