Russian Navy: Russian Navy Marshal Shaposhnikov fires Kalibr cruise missile near Japan: Russian Navy warship fires missile near Japan and sows panic

Russia is also preparing to deal with growing tensions with the United States. After activating the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet, President Vladimir Putin has now ordered the Pacific Fleet to increase patrols in the region. In the same footage, on Tuesday, Russian Navy guided missile frigate Shapanshikov fired a caliber cruise missile into the Sea of ​​Japan and heightened panic in the region.

The Russian Defense Ministry released a video
The Russian Defense Ministry also released a video of the incident, in which Marshal Shapanshikov is seen firing a caliber cruise missile. The ministry said Marshal Shaposhnikov first fired a surface-to-surface missile at the Cape Cerkum firing range in the Sea of ​​Japan. The missile was fired to destroy the target located in coastal areas, for which the missile covered a distance of 1000 km.

The Sea of ​​Japan will likely increase the tension
It is believed that the Russian military’s recent missile tests could further increase tension in the Pacific Ocean region. Besides Russia, Japan and the US Navy also patrol this area. In such a situation, if the conflict escalates, it can have a global impact. On the other hand, China is also increasing patrols in this area with Russia. Japan has also started preparations for maneuvers with friendly countries like America, France and Australia to find a Sino-Russian friendship break.

How dangerous is Marshal Shapanshikov?
Russian Navy Marshal Shapanshikov has recently been modernized and returned. It was a Udaloy-class destroyer, built in 1985, now converted to a guided missile frigate. Therefore, he is tested before re-enlisting in the military. Marshal Shapanshikov has a length of 163 meters. It can walk at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour in the sea.

Marshal Shapanshikov is armed with these deadly weapons
Marshall Shapanshikov has 16 vertical launch systems for 3M54 caliber missiles. Apart from this, 8 KH-35 Uran anti-ship missile numbers are also deployed. To protect this warship from an aerial threat, 64 Kinzhal surface-to-air missiles are engaged. The main gun of this warship is a 100 millimeter AK-190. It also has 8 torpedoes of 553 mm.

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