Russian Navy trains to destroy enemy carriers in exercises in the Pacific, sending alarm bells to the United States

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Russia vigorously waged large-scale sea and air warfare in the Pacific Ocean, during which the Russian Navy also practiced an attack on the carrier’s carrier strike group.
Russia has vigorously waged full-scale sea and air warfare in the Pacific Ocean amid tensions with the United States and NATO countries. In this, the Russian army also practiced the attack of the aircraft carrier Strike Group. It is not known exactly when this exercise took place, but recently the United States sent its most powerful F-22 Raptor fighter jet to sea near Hawaii after receiving reports of suspicious activity from Russia. .

This is the second time in recent days that the United States has to send its stealth fighter jets after receiving reports of Russian activities. According to the defense website The Drive, the United States is under pressure due to the growing activity of the growing Russian military in the Pacific Ocean. America has sent its fleet of warships to this region. Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video saying that we trained to destroy the aircraft carrier attack group.

300 miles from the Hawaiian Islands in the United States
The Russian Defense Ministry said that during this exercise, a cruise missile was fired at the aircraft carrier by the Slavic-class cruiser Varyag. During this exercise, destroyers Marshal Shaposhnikov, Gromki, etc. from the Udloy class also participated in the exercise. Russia said the exercise was carried out 2,500 miles southeast of the Kuril Islands. According to American media, this exercise was carried out at a distance of 300 to 500 miles from the Hawaiian Islands of America.

According to unconfirmed sources, several Russian warships had reached just 35 nautical miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. During this time, three American warships also arrived there. It is believed that the arrival of Russian ships so close to Hawaii is in itself a very unusual event. During this time, the Russian Navy’s Tu-142 aircraft remained in the air for about 14 hours. During this time, fuel was also filled in the air on the plane.

US trains to shoot down S-400 systems
Earlier, amid continuing tensions with Russia, the United States practiced bringing down the state-of-the-art S-400 missile defense system. America trained to kill this Russian Brahmastra in Morocco on the African continent. This massive exercise has been named ‘African Lion’. The United States has strongly opposed the purchase of Russian missile defense systems by Turkey, India and other countries.

Not only that, America has imposed sanctions on Turkey and India is also threatened by this ban. The media indicated that this maneuver to bring down the S-400 was carried out in the region of Agadir in Morocco. A video released by the US Department of Defense revealed the practice of shooting down the S-400. In this video, a man says: “Two attacks were carried out on two S-400s”.

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