Russian plane emergency landing: Russian plane crashes after emergency landing with no casualties

The luck of people traveling by plane to Russia barely saved them. The plane, which disappeared from radar on Friday, made a hard landing in Siberia but all 18 people on board survived. After his disappearance, many types of apprehensions were raised, in particular after the announcement of the death of all the people in the plane crash a few days ago.

The Russian ship Antonov An-28 disappeared between Kedrovy and Tomsk. After that, rescue and rescue personnel were dispatched to the probable area and the search for the wreckage and the people began.

‘Believe in miracles’
Local governor Sergei Vachkin said everyone believes in miracles and the professionalism of the pilots saved everyone’s life. At the same time, damaged debris from the plane can be seen falling into the area full of trees. The TASS news agency quoted an official as saying the plane overturned during a hard landing. Its nose gear and landing gear were destroyed.

TASS claimed, citing sources, that the plane had to make an emergency landing due to engine failure. However, there has been no official confirmation about this.

accidents in the past
About two weeks ago, a similar Antonov An-26 plane crashed after reaching the summit. All 28 people on the plane were killed in the crash caused by poor visibility in Kamchatka. In 2012, the Antonov-28 aircraft also crashed in the forests of Kamchatka and 10 people died in this crash.

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