Russian s-500 missile system live fire test video: how powerful is the russian s-500 missile system? Putin shows strength until the video continues

Russia has caused panic around the world by broadcasting live video of its S-500 missile system for the first time. The Russian Defense Ministry said the video was shot in Kapustin Yar, near Astrakhan, in southern Russia. Meanwhile, the S-500 air defense system missile shot down a second ballistic missile on its target in the blink of an eye. Almost all tests of the S-500 missile system have been completed and it is expected to be put into service in the Russian military soon. Initially, it will be deployed to monitor air activities around the capital Moscow. Russia has deployed the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system to monitor the skies around Moscow. Given the increasing capacity of enemy countries at present, Russia had long been preparing to replace this defense system. It is now said that the S-500 missile system will be deployed instead of the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system.

The S-500’s three radars will immediately show the enemy’s address

According to Russian state media RIA Novosti, the S-500 missile system will have a maximum range of 595 km. The missiles of the S-500 system are packed in fixed silos. The missiles of this system are mounted on a 10×10 transporter-assembler-launcher on the chassis of the BAZ truck. Thanks to this, these missiles can be easily deployed from one place to another and in less time. Voronezh’s long-range early warning radar was installed in the S-500 missile system. This long-range early warning radar is the backbone of this missile defense system. Three Voronezh family radars monitor Russian airspace against ballistic missile and aircraft attacks. These include the first Voronezh-M (metric band), the second Voronezh-DM (decimeter band) and the third Voronezh-SM (centimeter band). These three radars operate on a single system whose main objective is to accurately measure the enemy target and transmit its information to the operator.

Its 77N6 missile makes it impossible for the enemy to flee

The S-500 defense system is developed on the basis of the S-400. In addition to the 77N6 missile series, several other missiles are also deployed in the S-500 defense system. This missile will also be installed in the new version of the S-400 to destroy the enemy ballistic missile. The system will have a maximum range of 600 km, which will be able to respond in 3 to 4 seconds. The missile of this system will cover a distance of 200 km in 6 seconds less than the S-400. He can also take responsibility for the phase at which the enemy missile is to be shot down. Immediately after launch, at a distance or on approach. If the missile is destroyed during the boost phase, then its debris and ash will not cause any damage. It has four types of missiles. One missile has a range of 600 km, another of 250 km, the third of 120 and the fourth of 40 km.

Watch S-500 Live Video

A drone and a hypersonic missile will also be manufactured

The Russian Defense Ministry said that no manual system had been installed in the S-500 missile system. This missile system is designed to shoot down all types of enemy weapons, hypersonic planes and missiles. The S-500 is designed from the ground up to deal with all types of air threats including ballistic missiles as well as enemy fighters, cruise missiles. Major General Sergei Babakov of the Russian Air Force Missile Troops said the S-500 was developed for the purpose of shooting down medium-range ballistic missiles. He also claimed that this anti-aircraft and anti-missile system was developed as a whole new generation weapon. If necessary, this system can destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) in the last stages of their flight path. Additionally, the S-500 is capable of destroying hypersonic aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The S-500 missile system has a range of up to 595 km.

Like the S-400 missile system, the S-500 is also equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art missiles. With its different types of missiles, this system is able to cope with any air threat from the enemy. It is not yet clear whether the 77N6 missile series was used or the 40N6E missile in the S-500 test. Both of these missiles are extremely deadly and precise. The 40N6E missile has a maximum range of 400 km. Who can destroy enemy targets from a height of 30 km. Most Russian defense experts on Twitter believe the 77N6 missile was used in this test. According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia, in addition to this missile, there is another missile that was used in the test of the S-500 system. Videos released by the Russian Defense Ministry showed the missile deliberately blurred, leaving experts unable to identify it.

Russia will also manufacture a naval variant of the S-500

There is also a possibility to make a naval variant of the S-500. This variant will equip the Linder-class destroyer. After being deployed in service, it will be deployed in many areas of the Black Sea, the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. It is planned to be deployed around Kaliningrad in the Baltic and Crimea in the Black Sea. Development work on the Russian S-500 missile system first began in 2009. Afterwards, the Russian arms company Almaz-Antey Corporation claimed that it would complete the development of this system by 2012. However , over time, the work to create this system has fallen behind schedule. The latest anti-ballistic missile test shows that the S-500 program is progressing at a fairly rapid pace. Nevertheless, experts estimate that it may take at least 4 years for this missile to be put into service with the Russian military.

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