Russia’s doomsday plane: Russia’s “ apocalyptic plane ” can’t even kill a bird, but thieves take a big hit

Russian police have opened an investigation into the theft of equipment worth Rs 10 lakh from the top secret IL-80 plane. This aircraft is known as “Pralaya Vimana” and has no effect on the atomic bomb attack. In fact, the Russian Ilushin-80 aircraft has been converted into a nuclear command center. The aircraft was transported to the scientific and technical complex of Beriev Taganrog Aviation for repair. The hatch of this aircraft has now been found open and 39 pieces of radio equipment have been stolen. This theft incident took place when Parinda couldn’t even hit that plane. Let’s see why this plane is so special …

Putin can protect in the event of a nuclear attack

This doomed plane from Russia also has the power to resist a nuclear attack. It is designed in such a way that at the time of the atomic bomb attack the plane could fly for several days carrying the country’s top officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Due to this feature of this aircraft, there was a ruckus in Russia regarding the theft incident. Russian police are investigating the whole affair. On the other hand, Putin’s press secretary said there will be an investigation and such steps will be taken to ensure that such an incident does not happen again. He said that the total value of the stolen sensitive radio equipment is over Rs 10 lakh. These devices had been in service for 15 years.

America named it the ‘Holocaust plane’

According to Russian media, all of his equipment was present on the plane at the time of the flight. According to the CNN report, these airborne command posts were first named by the United States as “the plane of fate”. These planes are designed to be able to fly continuously through the air during a nuclear attack or major natural disaster. These aircraft can be very effective when all the ground command infrastructure is destroyed. The United States also has a similar Holocaust plane. Its name is E-4B and is built on the basis of Boeing’s 747 aircraft. At the same time, Russia built this aircraft by replacing its IL-86 passenger plane. Russia currently has four Holocaust planes.

One ‘Holocaust plane’ can control the entire Russian army

The Russian doomsday plane has the ability to fly from any airstrip. The aircraft has a powerful engine, modern communication equipment and rescue equipment. There are no windows throughout the aircraft, except for the cockpit glass. For this reason, those seated will not be blind at the time of the nuclear attack. The rear part of the Russian aircraft has an antenna that allows it to immediately contact submarines operating under the sea. The entire Russian army can be controlled with this aircraft. According to Russian media, these planes were being modernized. It is told that its update version will be made on the basis of the IL-96-400M quadjet. This new aircraft will be able to perform combat tasks by staying in the air longer.

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