Russia’s Sputnik-5 will be cheaper than Pfizer’s vaccine and Moderna’s Kovid vaccine, know everyone’s price

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Russian vaccine firm Sputnik-5 says their price will be lower than Pfizer and Moderna, the official Twitter handle of the world’s first registered vaccine reported on Sunday, $ 19.50 at the advertised price per dose from Pfizer and $ 25 to $ 37. East Moscow
Corona virus infection is increasing rapidly around the world. With no cure for the epidemic, the only hope lies in future vaccines. Moreover, the big question is which vaccine will be so valuable. In such a situation, great news has arrived regarding the Russian vaccine Sputnik-5. The Russian Sputnik-5 vaccine designed to fight the global Covid-19 pandemic will cost the government less than Pfizer and Moderna. The official Twitter handle of the world’s first registered vaccine revealed it on Sunday.

The vaccine tweet said Pfizer’s advertised price per dose was $ 19.50 (Rs. 1446.17) and Moderna’s price was $ 25- $ 37 (Rs. 1854.07-2744.02), according to a human . The price will be $ 39 (Rs 2,892.34) and $ 50-74 (Rs 3,708.13-5488.04). Each human will need two doses of Sputnik-5, Pfizer and Moderna. The price of Sputnik-5 will be much lower than these.

Russian vaccine price will be public next week
A spokesperson for the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) quoted the Tass news agency as saying in its report that the price of the Russian vaccine would be made public next week. When Sputnik-5 was officially registered ahead of a full-scale diagnostic test, Russia became the first country to receive regulatory approval for the Kovid-19 vaccine in August. The vaccine was jointly developed by the Gamalia National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

This corona vaccine is about to come, the company has announced the price

Moderna vaccine Rs 1800-2700
On the other hand, Moderna Company gave for the first time information on the price of its vaccine. Its single dose will cost between $ 25 and $ 37 (around Rs. 1800-2700). The price will also depend on the number of orders received. Stephen Bensel, chief executive of the company, gave this information. On November 16, a European Commission official said that we had signed a deal with the company for millions of doses of Moderna. One dose will cost less than $ 25. Regarding this, Bensel said that no such deal has been made, yes he is definitely ready. We want to send the vaccine to Europe and negotiations are ongoing. Moderna had said his vaccine had been tested at 94.5%. (Entrance agency)

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