S 400 India: S-400 India: Russia will give India the S-400 Brahmastra this year, Indian soldiers start training – Russia says India’s 400 air defense system is going as planned Indian experts start training

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Russia has announced that it will hand over the S-400 system to India by the end of the year. RosaboronExport, the Russian company, said the deal with India would be done on time. Moscow started training
Russia has announced that it will deliver the S-400 missile defense system to India on time by the end of the year. Russian company RosoboronExport, which built the S-400 missile air defense system, said the deal with India would be reached in due course. Earlier, Vladimir Drozhzhov, director of the technical cooperation case of the Russian army, revealed that the experts of the Indian army had started to train to lead this “Brahmastra”.

Drozhzhov also said that this system will be given to India by the end of this year. He said: “Indian experts have arrived in Russia and have started training to operate the S-400. India had expressed its willingness to buy the S-400 from Russia in 2015 and the deal was signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India in October 2018.

Risk of US sanctions, India persists in public markets
Let us know that US President Joe Biden, who has described Russia as his number one enemy, can give India a blow over the S-400 deal. In fact, India is firm on the decision to buy the state-of-the-art S-400 missile defense system from Russia, but the United States is strongly opposed to the deal. Not only that, there is now a danger of Biden imposing strict restrictions on India like Turkey. The S-400 missile defense system has now become a big “fork” of friendship between the Modi government and the Biden administration.

India is taking the S-400 missile defense system from Russia for $ 5.4 billion. Not only that, India is a big customer of Russia’s arms. India bet on the Russian system by rejecting the American offer. India did so to meet its security needs in the face of the threat from China and Pakistan. Recently, China has also deployed the S-400 missile defense system along the Indian border. For this reason, India needs more of this system.

“ Turkey, a NATO member country, could not escape US sanctions ”
India has bluntly told the United States that it will not give up on buying this system. Not only Russia, but India also buys weapons on a large scale from the United States. This includes Apache helicopters, Chinooks, and P-8I surveillance aircraft. However, 60% of Indian weapons are still Russian. If India is firm on its decision, the threat of US sanctions has now emerged. The United States has banned Turkey from buying the S-400 from Russia through CAATSA.

The United States is concerned that Russia will know the secret of American weapons thanks to the S-400. Vipin Narang, professor of political science at MIT, told the Hindustan Times: “The fact that even NATO member Turkey cannot escape US sanctions shows how worried America is about the S- 400. It’s probably not just garbage. India’s focus on taking the S-400 this year could force the Biden administration to impose sanctions on India. Let us know that experts from the Bharti Army will receive training in the use of the S-400 soon.

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