s-400 missile system in india delivery date: if we will sanction india on s-400 missile, syatem will deal with russia delayed delivery: india will prohibit india from buying s missile system -400 to russia

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The US admiral told the former India-Russia partner: We have to understand, even on the issue of the ban on the purchase of S-400, the admiral told the US Congress that Admiral John Aquilino , who will be the head of the Indo Pacific Command, will continue on the Sino-Russia Watchwashington
Admiral John Aquilino, who will become the head of the Indo-Pacific command of the US military, has sharply criticized relations between India and Russia in the US Congress. He said during a hearing in the US Congress to confirm his name that the US needs to understand that India has an old relationship with Russia for security cooperation and military equipment. He also urged not to place restrictions on the purchase of India’s S-400 missile system from Russia.

US admiral gives quick response to S-400 purchase
During the hearing, US Senator Jean Shaheen questioned whether we should ban India if it buys the S-400? In response, Admiral John Aquilino said he would try to drive India out of Russia instead of resorting to sanctions to buy weapons. Aquilino said I think I will leave that decision to the decision makers. I think we need to understand where we are with India and I think the decision to come up with alternatives is much better.

India has been described as America’s great partner
He said India is a really great partner and as we have seen in the recent quadruple talks, I think the importance of India and other countries in the quadruple will increase. Our relationship is balanced. However, India has long-standing ties with Russia for security cooperation and military equipment. If my name is confirmed, I will work to motivate India to buy American weapons.

US military cooperation with India highly appreciated
On a question from Senator Debra Fischer, Aquilino said that the work or effort that India has done to protect its northeast border amid the stalemate with China is remarkable. Regarding the recent activities of China, he said that these activities highlighted the dangers that China poses for all countries, including India. The admiral said that the military relations between the United States and India are at their best and that the United States steadily increases the issues of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, exercises, high-level joint operations and cooperation at the highest level.

Extreme mistrust between India and China, threat to regional security due to Dragon’s deceptive habit: United States
An atmosphere of mistrust is at its peak in China and India
Admiral Aculino told Parliament’s Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the atmosphere of mistrust between India and China was at its peak. Bilateral relations have deteriorated as a result of the skirmish along the Real Line of Control (LAC) and India is very skeptical of China’s activities under the One Belt One Road initiative. China’s position in Gwadar in Pakistan and Hambantota in Sri Lanka is also of concern to India and the situation is also in the Indo-Pacific region. The deceptive action of the PRC in the Indian Ocean and the lack of transparency pose a threat to stability and security in this country.

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