s 400 missile turkey: Turkey and the Russian S-400 missile defense system will be used without fear of the US threat – Turkey will use the Russian 400 missile defense system despite tensions with us

Turkey’s defense minister once again reaffirmed that his country is working on a plan to use a missile defense system purchased from Russia, despite continued opposition from the United States. Defense Minister Hulusi Aakar told the Parliamentary Budget Committee on Thursday that the military was preparing to deploy the S-400 missile system as planned.

The United States opposes the purchase of the Russian anti-aircraft system by Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and has withdrawn Turkey from the F-35 fighter program . The United States says the S-400 system is a threat to fighter jets capable of evading radar and is incompatible with NATO systems.

Turkish news agency Anadolu has reportedly said Turkey is ready to deploy the S-400 and discuss the issue of F-35 fighter jets with the United States. The Minister of Defense said: “We will use the S-400 system in the same way that other NATO members use the S-300 system in this alliance.”

Tayyip Erdogan openly threatens Superpower America
Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly threatened Superpower America. Erdogan said America did not know who he was facing. We are not a weak nation but Turkey. He once again made it clear that Turkey would not stop testing the S-400 missile defense system bought from Russia.

Erdogan said Sunday in the city of Malatya: “America doesn’t know who it is facing. You told us to return the S-400 missile defense system to Russia, but we are not a weak nation. We are Turkish. The Turkish president said: “Whatever sanctions you (America) want to impose on us, impose them. Do not be late. He said we gave America money for an F-35 fighter plane but we haven’t received a fighter yet.

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