S-500 missile system: Russian S-500 defense system deployment next year, not only stealth ships, satellites will also be in JD – Russian S-500 missile system will be deployed next year, capable destroy f-35 fighter jets and satellites

Russia plans to deploy its powerful S-500 defense system in 2021 next year. According to Russian officials, the development of this defense system is in its final stages. Russia, claiming to be the most modern defense system in the world, said the missiles it contains are capable of destroying all air targets in space and in the air in the blink of an eye. The S-500 defense system is also referred to as Prometey. Like the S-300 and S-400, this defense system is developed by the Russian government company Almaz-Aneti Corporation.

Russian military prepares to deploy S-500 in 2021

Lt. Gen. Andrei Yudin, deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Aerospace Force, said in an interview that Russia will complete its work on the world’s most advanced S-500 anti-aircraft missile system in 2021. He said during Russia Today conference that the development of the S-500 mobile air defense and anti-ballistic missile system was nearing completion in 2021. Russia has the most advanced and modern technological anti-missile system in its weapons. Only last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov announced phased testing of modern missile defense systems.

S-500 capable of shooting down American F-35A

Russia claims its S-500 defense system is capable of killing US F-35A fighter jets as well. At the same time, the United States claims their F-35A fighter jet is equipped with stealth technology. Which cannot be detected by any radar. Russian officials have also said that this missile defense system can destroy any enemy satellite in lower space orbit. Let us know that most military satellites or Earth Observation Earth Observation satellites are in lower Earth orbit.

The S-500 is more advanced than the S-400.

The S-500 defense system was developed on the basis of the S-400. Besides the 77N6 series of missiles, it is believed that several other missiles will also be deployed in the S-500 defense system. This missile will also be equipped with a new version of the S-400 to destroy the enemy’s ballistic missile. The maximum range of this system will be 600 km, capable of responding in 3 to 4 seconds. Compared to the S-400, the missile of this system will cover a distance of 200 kilometers in 6 seconds.

What air defense system works

Its job is to detect possible airstrikes in the country. It collects information using all types of radars and satellites. Based on this information, he can tell from where the fighter jets can attack. Additionally, it can destroy enemy planes and missiles in the air by firing anti-missiles. India has so far bought only weapons to kill from Russia. For the first time, India is buying the S-400 defense system from Russia.

How systems drop planes and missiles in the air

In Indian accent, it is a very simple technique. It has many radars from which it can detect where the object is located (which must be killed). Its capacity is to eliminate any danger within a radius of 400 km. Then the danger whether it is a fighter plane, a drone or a missile, it will fall.

Can track 300 targets

The firepower of the S-500 is that its radars can track from 100 to 300 targets. Can track in a range of up to 600 km. The missiles which are engaged there can penetrate any target at 30 km of altitude and 600 km of distance. If desired, ground targets can also be targeted. The most powerful is that at the same time, it will be able to hit 36 ​​targets simultaneously over 600 km. It has 12 launchers, can fire three missiles simultaneously, and takes five minutes to deploy.

Advance is the Russian S-500 defense system

He can also take responsibility for the phase of the enemy missile to fall. Immediately after launch, at a distance or on approach. If the missile was dismantled at the start of the Boost phase, there would be no damage from its debris and ash. It consists of four types of missiles. One missile has a range of 600 km, the other 250 km, the third 120 and the fourth 40 km.

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