S jaishanakar on India-China relations: India-China relations in a very difficult phase in the middle of Ladakh LAC Standoff said S Jaishankar: S Jaishankar said India-China relations are going through phase The hardest

Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has spoken to China extensively about the tensions in Ladakh and the restriction of movement of cargo planes. He said India-China relations are currently going through the most difficult phase. Jaishankar also said that there should be conflict, coercion, intimidation and bloodshed at the border and we can say that our relationship in other areas is strong, it cannot happen.

Jaishankar had a meeting with Chinese foreign minister
Speaking on a global dialogues series program from UK-based media organization India Inc Group and Indian High Commission in London, Jaishankar said he had a good conversation with the Chinese minister recently. Foreign Affairs. In which there was a positive discussion in the context of the relaxation of the flow of strategic goods during the Corona outbreak in India.

Indian companies not receiving orders due to cargo flight ban
He said previous discussions focused largely on the Kovid-19 outbreak and the topic of my discussion was that Kovid-19 was definitely something big and it was in our common interest to work together to make it happen. cope and that’s what happens. Mantra Wang Yi also told me. Jaishankar also said Indian companies are having difficulty securing orders from China. He gave a message to the Chinese minister that he can best help by bringing relief in this process.

Said – China relaxed after talks
Jaishankar said things moved forward after our conversation. Some of our airlines have been granted permission to go there immediately. The bond is growing, which is very admirable. Regarding large-scale Indo-Chinese relations, the minister said the process of repelling the troops is underway but so far they have not returned to the desired location on the border.

Jaishankar in front of the world agreed – India’s health care system is collapsing, said – Elections are unalterable, cannot be stopped.
Ladakh talks about tensions – India-China relations in toughest times
Regarding the current tension in Ladakh, Jaishankar said that at present our relations are going through a difficult time as the agreements have been violated and it is understood that China has carried out heavy military deployments on its behalf in the country. over the past few years for no real reason. for the actual control line. He said the Chinese military has been there for a year and their activity disrupts peace and restraint in border areas. We saw blood there after 45 years in June.

Good relationships between bloodshed cannot be established in other areas
Jaishankar said India has a very clear position that peace and moderation in border areas is very important for good relations with neighboring countries. The conflict, coercion, intimidation and bloodshed are on the border and you go on to say that good relations have been established in other areas. this is not true. This is something that we are holding and discussing with the Chinese side. We have made progress in some areas and discussions are still ongoing in some areas. But we have not reached the level of tension reduction, which can only take place after the withdrawal of the troops.

Tension persists in Ladakh
Significantly, there has been a standoff between the Indian and Chinese military since May of last year in many places in eastern Ladakh. After several rounds of diplomatic and military talks, Chinese troops and their equipment withdrew from the northern and southern shores of Lake Pagong in February. Now the two sides are discussing the withdrawal of troops from other stalemate places. It should be noted that Jaishankar is currently in Britain to attend the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meeting as visiting minister.

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