S Jaishankar: S Jaishankar accepts Indian healthcare system collapsing due to third wave of Covid-19 in India: S Jaishankar admitted Indian healthcare system collapsed due to Kovid-19

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has told the world that India’s healthcare system has collapsed with the second wave of the corona virus. He is in the UK to attend the G-7 Foreign and Development Ministers meeting as a guest minister. Jaishankar called the election irrevocable on the issue of holding election rallies responsible for the corona infection. He said that we are a very democratic and political country and that in a democracy it is not possible to organize elections.

He said – the whole world is with us in the Corona crisis
Jaishankar described the second wave of Kovid-19 as a major challenge during a global dialogue series program from UK-based media organization India Inc Group and Indian High Commission in London. He also praised the help India is receiving from countries around the world. He said that at this time of crisis India realizes that the whole world is with us.

Jaishankar admitted that India’s health care system has collapsed
Jaishankar admitted that India’s healthcare system has completely collapsed. He said a plan has been prepared to improve the Kovid vaccination program and to understand the country’s needs beyond the emergency of the global pandemic. Jaishankar said we will overcome it. But there is a big lesson in that… there is a feeling of togetherness. I feel that here in London because almost every country has been through what we are going through now. They have feelings for us. ”

Thanks for the help from abroad
Referring to the aid provided by India, Britain, the United States, the Gulf countries and others for much-needed medical supplies, the Minister of External Affairs said: “This global pandemic has no not only caused significant changes, but it also caused a change of point of view. “Today I see solidarity in diplomacy.

Said about government failure – no time to blame
In a negotiating session with CEO of India Inc, Manoj Ladwa, the Minister was asked if the government was not paying attention to the second wave of the global pandemic which has led to some of the highest infection rates in the world in recent weeks. In this regard, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that repeated consultations were underway and public health teams were dispatched. Steps have been taken to increase oxygen production. Unfortunately, the truth is, as soon as things started to fall, people started to gain confidence. Now is certainly not the time to blame anyone, but I don’t think anyone in the country can say that we have never been short of security.

Jaishankar described democratic elections as irreplaceable
He said given the benefit of foresight, it’s easy to say we shouldn’t have allowed any sort of gathering. But there also comes a time when we should be ready and not blame… We are a very democratic and political country and in a democracy it is not possible to hold elections. Elections are unalterable.

We have invested very little in health in 75 years
In the context of the country’s health infrastructure, he said the health system has been completely exposed. It is quite clear that for 75 years we have invested very little in health, but in realizing this Prime Minister Ayushmann has put the emphasis on India. Emphasizing a strong government system, Jaishankar said, “Health is a fundamental right. But in times of crisis, people don’t need a political explanation. They need practical answers on the ground. The foreign minister said there are many plans being made to get the country back on its feet.

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