Sadaf Kanwal Pakistan: Pakistani actress Sadaf Kanwal in controversy over feminism: Pakistani actress Sadaf Kanwal’s controversial statement about her husband

From the common leaders of Pakistan to Prime Minister Imran Khan, he has made stereotypical and reprehensible statements towards women. Now an actress-model from the country made such a feature film, after which she is criticized. Sadaf Kanwal said in the controversial statement that “the husband is the culture” and that “lift their shoes, iron clothes” is also included in this.

‘… because I am the woman’
In an ARY News program, Sadaf came with her husband Shahroj Sabjwari. Meanwhile, she said, “Our husband is our culture. I married him, I have to pick up his shoes, iron clothes which I rarely do but I know where his clothes are. I know all of their stuff where it is. I should know when to eat it and what to eat because I’m his wife.

“I grew up seeing this”
She further added that she should know all of this as she is a woman and the husband does not need to know all of this about her. She said she feels it all because she grew up seeing it. She said that feminism means caring for and respecting her husband and she was taught that way.

victim of criticism
Sadaf’s statement drew strong criticism. Some accused him of using sensitive issues like feminism and patriarchy for economic gain. At the same time, others say it is clear from Sadaf’s statement that the extent to which the mentality of seeing men as superior to women is present in the society that a so-called modern woman advocates is.

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