Sage and CECAP sign a collaboration agreement to train future business leaders in digitization

Sage and CECAP sign a collaboration agreement to train future business leaders in digitization

Sage, a multinational leader in business management solutions in the cloud, and the Spanish Confederation of Training Companies (CECAP) have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the technology company makes available to all associated centers that CECAP’s network is part of its business management solutions, to promote practical learning and improve employability. The agreement responds to Sage’s interest in collaborating with the educational community in the training and dissemination of the digitization of companies, through the development of an exclusive training platform in Sage 50.

This strategy, in turn, is part of Sage’s “Digitization” plan, with which the company proposes the use of technology and digital environments to contribute to a rapid and agile economic recovery, which in turn is more human, flexible and sustainable.

From now on, the more than 1,000 private centers and academies associated with CECAP will have access to the Sage 50 integrated accounting and business management program, via various licenses available both for the centers themselves and for the students. In addition, thanks to this agreement, the training centers will have at their disposal the wide range of services and content developed by Top Digital Consulting, as a partner of Sage; while students can obtain the official Sage certification, developed through the CertiUni university certification platform. The project will be coordinated jointly and the Confederation will be responsible for increasing its visibility with all associates and other entities related to training, in order to promote the inclusion of the platform in training programs.

“This agreement is part of our Sage Educa project, with which we want to continue training the business leaders of tomorrow in digitalization, so that they can successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow. From now on, students more than 1,000 centers associated with CECAP will be able to learn how to use one of the most recognized management solutions in the business sector, which will undoubtedly help improve their employability ”, Jos Luis Martn Zabala, VP Indirect Sales & Accountants of Sage Spain.

“At CECAP, we are always working with the aim of offering our employees the most innovative tools, which allow them to continue to adapt their training program to the demands of the market. In the current scenario, digital training has become of vitally important, which is why we are delighted to have a technology partner like Sage, which will allow us to continue to provide the highest quality training, ”says Flix Martin, President of CECAP.

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